Hopeful Northern Chairman Eases Burden On NPP


An aspiring candidate for the Northern Region chairmanship position of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Alhaji Mohammad Adam Samba, has charged the youth to exhibit a sense of discipline and gross tolerance during and after the Eid- ul-Fitr celebration.

He said tolerance and discipline is very key in every human society, and this he believes has the tendency to fast-track development and create jobs for the teeming youth.

Alhaji Samba therefore urged Northern citizenry to use this year’s Eid ul-Fitr yuletide to reflect on how to lure investors into the savannah ecological zone, this according to him will help curtail the vulnerable youth from traveling to the southern belt to seek for non existing jobs.

Addressing the media after donating 200 ‘Sala’ bags of  rice, gallon of oil and sugar to youth groups and eminent individuals in the region, he advised the youth not to allow themselves to be use by self-seeking politicians to cause disorder in the upcoming constituency and regional executives elections.

He urged the youth to throw their maximum support to him, for the purposes of canvassing and scaling out NPP networks at the branch level.

He appealed to Islamic Clerics to use advantage of the Eid-ul-Fitr celebration to commit Ghanaians and the president of the republic into the hands of Allah, for quick implementation of government policies and stability throughout the country.

He explained that the gesture given to the youth groups which included undisclosed amount seeks to ease burden on the party leadership and government.

“The NPP government is just about six months old in office, so the party leadership and government has no enough money to purchase those items for our hardworking party faithful to fully enjoy Eid-ul-Fitr festive, so my decision to offer those items to minimize the tension and frustration in the government.”

The hopeful chairman who happens to be the led financier of the party in the region has also presented over hundred plastic chair’s to some leading members of the party and the youth, and he further promise to reach out to the remaining youth groupings.

Alhaji Adam Samba was optimistic that when elected as the regional chairman, northern region and part of the two regions of the north will become the world bank of the New Patriotic Party.

He was of the view that the grassroots are the custodians of every political party, hence the empowerment of the youth through entrepreneurship and education will be his priority when elected.

Alhaji Samba further urge delegates of the elephant fraternity to remain resolute to the Danquah, Busia and Dombo tradition by helping him become victorious in the race.

To him, victory for Alhaji Samba will be transformation and unity in the party.

Some of the groups he has visited includes Burner Camp,Lamashegu NPP,Young Elephant, Dohanayili NPP, Nana Addo Fun Club, Kandahar, Bawumia fun club, GAHODC, Capitalist, Parliament, Information Service and Agenda 2016 youth group, etc.

Alhaji Samba further interacted with eid-fitr with the inmates of the Tamale Central prisons, and donated over 400 takeaway packs of rice and drinks.

He used the occasion to urge the inmates to use the fasting period to get closer to God to get changes in the near feature.

He also advised the inmates to consider their current situation as a turning point to progress and not feel devastated and disorganized.



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