– After sacking Ridge and Tamale Hospital CEOs              

…This time it’s the head of the College of Health – Kintampo

It has emerged that the Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman- Manu, asked the director of the College of Health and Well Being, Kintampo, to step aside last month.

In a September 22nd, 2017 letter, Prof. Ahmed Adu-Oppong was ordered to hand over his duties to the Vice Principal of the College, Saka Allotey, by the 9th of October, 2017.

According to the letter, the decision is based on the strength of a report by a Fact Finding Committee, which had probed allegations that had been made against Prof. Adu-Oppong by the Health Tutors Association of Ghana.

“We write to notify you that we have received the report of the Fact Finding Committee that was sent to the College of Health and Well Being, Kintampo, to investigate the allegations leveled against you by the Health Tutors Association of Ghana of the college.

“Based on the strength of the report, I have decided to request that you step aside to pave way for further investigations to be conducted into the operations of the college,” the letter by Kwaku Agyeman-Manu said.

It added that “this directive takes effect from Monday, 9th October, 2017.”

Asking the director to hand over to the Vice Principal of the College, the letter did not indicate whatsoever whether the director would be recalled to duty in the event of the supposed further investigations exonerating him.

The termination brings to an end Prof. Adu-Oppong’s short-lived directorial appointment at the Kintampo School of Health and Well Being after he had taken over from Mr. Isaac Azindow, who had retired in August, last year.

The author of over 30 peer reviewed articles, abstracts and posters, nobody knows the nature of the allegations that have informed the Health Minister to ask the respected former head of the Department of Community Medicine, School of Medical Sciences, University of Cape Coast, to step aside.

But in the area of controversially sacking directors in the medical field, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu has really courted controversy.

In May, this year, the minister suddenly dismissed the Medical Director for the Ridge Hospital in Accra, Dr. Thomas Anaaba, without any tangible reasons.

Among others, Mr. Agyeman-Manu had explained that Dr. Anaaba, who had been appointed by President Mahama and was supposed to be in charge until 2020, was simply, “no longer useful.”

Dr. Anaaba later sued over the issue at the Supreme Court.

Again, in June, the same Kwaku Agyeman-Manu had sacked the Medical Director for the Tamale Teaching Hospital, Dr. Prosper Akanbong, without any good reasons.

In a ceremony to hand over to the minister’s preferred person for the job, Dr. David Zaawumya, Dr. Akanbong had expressed reservations about the shabby manner he was being removed, putting the whole process into confusion.

Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, whose mean streak in office has included telling graduate nurses to the face that even if they put a knife to his throat, he will not employ them, seems to be predisposed to sacking medical directors who were appointed by the predecessor NDC government.

Interestingly, these medical directors and CEOs that he treats shabbily with contempt are far his betters in terms of both academic and career track records.

In a related development, as business was in session, angry youth of Kintampo stormed the college with sharp instruments causing fear and panic to tutors.
The youth, known as the Kintampo Youth Movement, were protesting against decision by the Ministry of Health, asking the director of the college, Prof. Ahmed Adu Oppong, to stay aside in order to allow investigation into some financial malfeasance allegation levelled against him by some tutors.

According to the furious youth, who halted activities of the college, the development was a deliberate action by some of the tutors to get rid of the director to allow their preferred person to be appointed to head the college.

However, the issue, which became uncontrollable, took hours for personnel of the Ghana Police Service and military officers to ensure law and order.

Speaking to the media in Accra, one Haruna Mohammed indicated that, “All the traditional leaders in Kintampo want Prof. to continue working as the director.

“Even if he is made to step aside, we will want him back because he has done nothing wrong. Definitely, he will be exonerated by the investigations,” he stressed.




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