Gt. Accra NDC Roots For Ibrahim Jajah as Reg Vice Chair


The 34 Constituencies of the Greater Accra Regional Branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) are rooting for Ibrahim Jajah, aka IB to contest the position of regional vice chairmanship. gathered that the current West Ayawaso Wuogon chairman, Ibrahim Jajah is one of the hardworking NDC who used to organize various party activities in his Constituency, especially on the Legon Campus from his pocket in lieu to deliver for the NDC.

It was noted that IB Jajah, was complimented for his efforts when he was doing all he could to snatch for the NDC the parliamentary seat from the NPP Emmanuel Agyako of that constituency.

This Portal further noted that the NDC followers, especially the foot-soldiers needed someone like IB who is always with them and easily accessible, to offer himself for the position of Vice Chairman for the NDC in the Greater Accra Region.

In view of this, the party faithful are calling on IB Jajah to contest for the position in order to direct his passion and the quest to see the regional chapter of NDC at the grassroots.

This, the constituencies across the region are of the view that Ibrahim’s hard work would be beneficial to the party in the region if given the chance to serve as the next Regional Vice Chairman.

In an interview with Ibrahim Jajah during the 6th NDC Unity Walk at Somanya in the Eastern Region, said he now decides to succumb to the pressure from the  people, especially the youth to take up the challenge.

He mentioned amongst other things that he has leadership qualities and hard work to support whoever would emerge next chairperson for the NDC in the Greater Accra Region to enable the party deliver over 25 seats needed in the region.

According to him, “the party people, especially the youth saw in me the practical leadership I offered everyone, even outside my constituency, hence, their call for me to be part of the new regional executives ahead of election 2020”.

He was quick to state that though, new regional executives are needed, nobody could condemn all the current regional executives. “The hard working ones could be retained so we take back the lost Greater Accra NDC seats in the last elections”, he lamented.

Ibrahim Jajah (IB) promised quality leadership that would go along with the people, especially the youth. Party communicators described him as “Hope for the Hopeless; Voice for Voiceless, NDC beckons for you”.

He made clear that all his support to the NDC in diverse ways is due to the deep love he has for the party. “For your information, nobody ever gave me a contract since the NDC was in power for which I used the proceeds to finance the party’s numerous activities in my constituency and beyond”.

Adding, Ibrahim Jajah said as a businessman, he makes money from his business, and that hein the position to offer help to the party faithful who were in need. He was also described as the grassroots man, a true party man and visionary man. Awuyeh

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