Greenpeace In A Double Fight

…Takes on Donald Trump and a lawsuit that threatens its extinction at the same time

An international non-governmental pro-environment organization, Greenpeace, is multi-tasking itself in the wake of US President, Donald Trump’s shocking withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.

In addition to staging an ongoing campaign to project the dangerousness of Mr. Trump’s decision, the NGO is raising funds and preparing to fight off a lawsuit that it says threatens its existence.

On its US webpage,, the NGO tells of how a company exploiting the forests of Canada is trying to pull the carpet from under its feet with a major lawsuit, asking for donations to help it fight off the legal attack.

“In the wake of Trump’s disastrous decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, the need for Greenpeace’s people-powered activism is critical. Rather than face criticism for threatening vital, intact parts of Canada’s boreal forest, Resolute Forest Products has filed meritless lawsuits aimed to silence Greenpeace. We’ll never stop fighting, but we can’t do it without you. Donate today to help us meet our goal of $500,000 by Friday, June 16!”

As much as the lawsuit may be concerned with activities within the Canada area, Greenpeace’s fight is just one of many battles that is a part of a global war it is fighting on behalf of the global environment.

On the same webpage, the NGO also calls for donations to enable it fight President Donald Trump’s anti-clockwise withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.

President had announced earlier in June that the US was withdrawing from the Paris Accord which enjoins countries to reduce carbon emissions among others. He however said the withdrawal was to enable the US to reenter on a renegotiation that would be fairer to the US.

Greenpeace, which describes the decision as disastrous, has vowed that it will do everything to fight off the decision and is raising funds towards that.

Clauses in the agreement may see the US negotiating for a whole four years before its entanglement in the Accord fully break off but Greenpeace has not pulled punches in condemning the move.

Greenpeace Africa Executive Director Njeri Kabeberi said: “Thursday, June 1st 2017 will be written in history as the day the US, under the administration of President Trump, turned its back on those who needed its leadership, ambition and compassion.

“The millions of people living on the African continent are on the frontlines of climate change, and it is critical that polluters are held accountable for the suffering and injustice global warming is already inflicting. Climate change impacts are already a daily reality, and action to stop catastrophic climate change cannot be delayed. Our global community will take action, and is already taking action, with or without the US government, and it is critical that major emitters like South Africa step up and take a leadership role.”

Greenpeace International Executive Director, Jennifer Morgan, reiterated global concerns that the US was being a bad global leader by the decision.

“Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement will turn America from a global climate leader into a flat earth society of one. It is a morally-bankrupt decision that Trump will come to regret. Global climate action is not a legal or political debate; it is an inescapable obligation to protect people and the planet.

“Trump is surrendering US global leadership to real world leaders who are seizing the momentum to protect their country and the climate by transforming their economies to clean energy. We are witnessing a seismic shift in the global order as Europe, China and others lead the way forward.

“Almost 200 countries committed to climate action in Paris and only one has decided to withdraw. This is how far out of step Trump is with the rest of the world. It is the changing of the global guard – as the US bows out, world leaders, CEOs and people across the world can and are moving forward into the future.”

On her part, Greenpeace East Asia Senior Global Policy Officer Li Shuo said; “President Trump is taking his administration in the opposite direction to the rest of the world. While China cancels coal power plants, Trump cancels climate action.

“Trump’s attempt to sabotage the global transition to a safer clean energy future won’t succeed. It will only corner the US and present China with an opportunity to reap the economic benefits of America’s withdrawal.”
Before the announcement, President Trump had informed Congress about his decision preparing Republican legislators with arguments and lines to take in the face of an expected blowback.

He said it was his solemn duty to protect “America and its citizens” and that the US would “withdraw from the Paris climate accord, but begin negotiations to re-enter the Paris accord or a new transaction on terms that are fair to the United States”.

“So we are getting out, but we will start to negotiate and see if we can make a deal that’s fair.”

But Greenpeace says the decision is a total disaster that it is prepared to fight. In the meantime, it needs to fight off a lawsuit that, “threatens its existence.”

It asks for donations towards this.




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