……Prosecution Of Capt. Mahama’s Killers

Comrades-in-arms of the late Capt. Maxwell Mahama, who was lynched at Denkyira Buase in the Central Region, are forewarning the government that if it escalates what is seen as its calculated ineptitude in the prosecution of criminals of the ruling party, to the case of the late soldier, the soldiers will not take it lying down.

In an interview with The Gazette yesterday, a group of soldiers from a section of the army (name withheld), swore that if the government dares file a nolle prosequi in the case of Maxwell, the Military, “will do what must be done.”

The soldiers say they have been constrained to warn from the shadows because an air of tension within the rank and file over the issue has been exacerbated by insulting claims of some government actors.

“Prior to the murder of Capt. Maxwell, we had seen how the Lands Minister had insulted all of us by claiming that soldiers are protecting illegal Chinese miners…where is his evidence?” A fuming soldier queried on the phone.

He pointed out that the same baseless claims by the Lands Minister have recently been adlibbed by the District Chief Executive for Upper Denkyira West, Daniel Appianing, who justified the lynching of the late Maxwell Mahama, by claiming that he had been a leader of soldiers protecting illegal miners in the area.

The source said that if it is considered that the Assemblyman for Diaso, William Baah, who had mobilized the youth of the town to lynch the soldier, had earlier claimed that the late Capt. Maxwell was an armed robber then one would realize an attempt by government actors to come up with an official cover story.

“In this regard, there is a lot of skepticism that justice will be done for our late colleague…especially if you look at how the Attorney General has been filing nolle prosequi by heart nowadays…

“We want to warn that if the government attempts to sweep this case too under cover by filing a nolle prosequi because it is members of the ruling party who are involved, then we, “will do what must be done,” the source said.

William Baah, the Diaso Assemblyman, who mobilized the youth of the area to lynch the late Capt. Mahama, is the ruling party’s current branch Secretary for Diaso. He also served as one of the party’s polling agents in the 2016 elections.

The  dutifulness of Mr. Baah to the NPP puts him in the same esteem as members of the Delta Force goon squad, who have all but escaped jail after overthrowing court proceedings in Kumasi to free 13 of their members who had been facing trial for assaulting the Ashanti Regional Coordinator for National Security, George Agyei.

After the goons had been arrested for attacking Mr. Agyei, Ken Agyapong, Assin Central MP and NPP bankroller, had gone on radio to threaten that if the party goons are not freed, he would organize a massive demonstration against the government.

Ken Agyapong had also used the occasion to announce that the NPP would sack all existing lower rank employees of National Security and replace them with members of the party’s numerous goon squads, including the Delta Force.

Ken Agyapong’s spirited vote of confidence had emboldened members of the Delta Force to storm the Ashanti Regional court where they were facing trial, assault the trial judge, Mary Nsenkyire, and forcibly freed their colleagues.

The shocking desecration of judicial authority had led to the United Nations issuing a condemnation, but after a reluctant re-arrest and re- arraignment before court, the Chief State Attorney in the Ashanti Region had filed a nolle prosequi with the claim that there was no evidence.

In what clearly appeared to be a choreographed attempt by the AG to free the ruling party’s goons, the AG had claimed that the Ashanti Regional Chief State Attorney had taken the decision to end the case without recourse to her.

It was, even as the public shock over the issue was still wearing off, that William Baah, the NPP’s branch Secretary for Diaso, had organized youth of Denkyira Boase to bludgeon the late Maxwell Mahama to death.

After he had been lynched, his body had been set ablaze. In the wake of public uproar over the dastardly act, William Baah had first claimed that the soldier was an armed robber. But later, President Akufo-Addo’s DCE for Upper Denkyira West, Daniel Appianing, had started a different cover story to the effect that the late soldier had been protecting illegal galamseyers.

“The impression that our men and women are getting from the goal post shifting is that somebody is trying to sweep the murder under the carpet because it was someone who is connected with the current government that killed our colleague. We warn the government General that if it toes this line, then we will also show that we can be ruthless,” the army source said.

His position, of course, contradicts the official position of the army itself, which has promised not to retaliate.

It is interesting, however, that the scene of the murder of the late Capt. Mahama had been Denkyira Boase, a stronghold of the ruling party, which is also close to the Assin Central Constituency, represented in Parliament by Ken Agyapong.

Ken Agyapong is on record to have declared in 2016 that the NPP would lynch soldiers.

The angry army people’s warning to the government comes just a day after the opposition National Democratic Congress had released a statement warning that the dastardly lynching of the late Maxwell Mahama dovetails a prevailing sense of insecurity that is beckoning a revolution.

In the statement, the NDC had listed, among others, the overthrow of court proceedings by Delta Force, the beating of the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator by the same Delta Force and the AG’s apparent reluctance to get justice.

The statement had also cited the beating of a policeman by NPP thugs at the Flagstaff House, the burning down of police station and vehicles in Somanya and the Akufo-Addo regime’s refusal to prosecute Gender Minister, Otiko Djaba and Upper East regional Minister, Rockson Bukari, who have been named by the NPP’s own Northern regional Chairman, Bugri Naabu, as masterminds of the murder of the late Adamas Mahama, Upper East regional Chairman of the NPP.

Meanwhile, the angry soldiers, who spoke to the Gazette on condition of anonymity, have said that a denial of justice to the late Maxwell Mahama, would be a furtherance of political interference that the Military has already suffered at the hands of politicians.

They revealed that in the buildup to the 2016 elections, the front of the Military had been divided along political lines and that it had led to a lot of mistrust within their ranks.



Source: Fiifi Samuels


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