Govt fails to Address Water sector  Challenges— Chiana/Paga MP

– Budget 2018:


The Minority National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Chiana/Paga Constituency in the Upper East Region, Hon Rudolf Nsowine Amenga-Etego has raised concern over the New Patriotic Party (NPP) lackadaisical attitude toward the water sector of the country.

According to him, since the NPP government took over the affairs of the nation on January 7, this year, it has not added a single gallon of water or drill a borehole  but funds were provided for that purpose in the 2017 budget.

He charged on the Nana Akufo Addo led government to seize the sweetheart talks and give the water sector  the necessary attention it deserve if the government was committed to improve Ghanaians’ wellbeing and attain the much touted industrialisation dream.

Hon Amenga-Etego raised  these concerns when he took his turn in debating the 2018 budget at  parliament  in Accra on Wednesday this week.

Making his contribution to the budget, he said, water is a basic necessity to human live and he don’t only expect to see the budget of the ministry of Water Resources  and Sanitation increased from the requested for the 2018 financial year to at least a little above the levels of the 2017 Budget, but would also like the government to take  the water sector serious with commitment.

“Mr Speaker, Water is basis of good health, if  water is properly harness is a sources of energy, if water is  properly organize in the basis  of agriculture is an insurance and basis for wellbeing and for good living,” he stated.

He  added that, access to drinking water is no longer  only a basic necessity but also a human rights issue and would like to see the release of the sector budgetary allocation funds improved.

The Ciana/Paga lawmaker argued that,” if you go back to 2017 budget, you will be disturb. How did we fare in 2017. We came out with one dam one village, As I am speaking the score line for water provision in 2017 budget is zero,” he added.

He noted that, the 2017 budget  made provision for dams and boreholes, but there was no any evidential record of such as the 2018 budget is being presented.

Mr Amenga-Etego pointed out that he was not only expecting to see an upward review of the budget for the water sector but it appeared government is only paying lip services to the sector.

“Mr Speaker, In  contributing to this motion, I feel very extremely disturbed. The investment on water sector the previous government left, this government is unable to continue. There is no seriousness from this government. We want to see more seriousness from this government toward the water sector, ” he argued.

“I am saying this because, for 2017 the government budgeted for the sector but recorded zero, nothing happened, the government promise one village one dam  and nothing happened. Even the boreholes which started in 2016 which the government in its 2017 budget to continue has also recorded zero,” he pointed.

He added, “Mr Speaker, the world is moving toward where water is no longer a basic necessity but a human rights issue globally and I am extremely worry that government has not demonstrated any commitment in terms of water sector.”

The utilization of the 2017 budget financial year, he noted was very pathetic and the government through the  ministry of Water Resources did not undertake any serious project in the sector.

The government gargantuan failure in the sector, Mr Amenga-Etego said was so huge that even it own flagship project,  the one village one dam was also never executed.

In his view, it was  clear that the 2017  budget has been wasted due to the government appetite for deception and lips services to the good people of Ghana.

He further  argued that, even though parliament in a week ago approved a loan for the Navrongo Water System, he still  doubt anything good would come out from the 2018 budget on the water sector.

For him,  the current sorry state of the water  sector is caused, partly, by poor implementation process of which the current government is at best in lip services.



Source: Engsalige Nyaaba

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