Give capital punishment to Kwabenya cop’s killers – Manly-Spain

Mr. Henry Ekow Manly-Spain, the first vice chairman of the Ghana Boxing Authority, has called for capital punishment for the armed robbers who staged a swashbuckling operation to free their colleagues in police custody at Kwabenya in Greater Accra Region.

The incident, which led to the death of a police officer, Chief Inspector Emmanuel Ashilevi, has since dovetailed a state of insecurity in the country and caused public outcry.

“If and when the police arrest them, I will urge the court to give them capital punishment to serve as deterrence to any persons who think that Ghana is a movie set for Rambo and Arnold Schwarzenegger,” Mr. Manly Spain told journalists in Tema yesterday.

By “capital punishment” it is not clear if Mr. Manly-Spain, a man who ran for the Greater Accra Regional chairmanship of the opposition National Democratic Congress means the death penalty, but the attack has caused national anger.

The Ghana Police Service has since started a hunt for the criminals who stormed the Atomic Police station in Kwabenya, shot a police man dead and then freed their colleagues who had been remanded by court for armed robbery.

As part of the hunt, the police has placed a Ghc15,000 bounty on the suspects’ heads.

“The insecurity in the country is becoming appalling and I think that we must allow our law enforcement agents to use punitive measures that will send signals that the culture of lawless impunity is unacceptable,” Mr. Manly-Spain said.

“They should be given the maximum capital punishment,” he added.

Collaborators of five robbery suspects had stormed the Atomic Hill Police station in Kwabenya where they were being held after a court had remanded them and forcibly freed them after overpowering police on duty.

In the course of the operation a police officer, Inspector Ashilevi, had been shot dead.

The death is the latest in a series of murders of security men since last year.

It is said that the deadly operation to free the five armed robbers had been carefully carried out with gang members surrounding the whole police station at the time that the suspects were being freed.

Prior to storming the yard, a member of the gang had done reconnoitre at the station, initially approaching the charge office and claiming that someone had snatched money from him, before signaling the rest of the gang.

After realizing that the police men on duty were few and that only Inspector Ashilevi was armed, the gang then stormed the station and opened fire on Inspector Ashilevi.

Following from this, the remainder of the officers had surrendered and looked on as the robbers broke the cell open and sprang their colleagues from the grip of the law.



Source: Adotey

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