Ghana’s roads ‘bad’- Israeli Ambassador

The Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Ami Mehl, has bemoaned the poor state of roads in the West African country.

“The roads in Ghana…you know it better than me, the roads are not good to say the least,” he told Class91.3FM’s Etse Sikanku on World Affairs on Friday, 26 May.

He indicated that there are “cheap” construction companies which execute “lousy” jobs, requiring the country to spend even more to fix such poor works, while there are companies which execute excellent jobs.

For him, it will be to the benefit of the country if competent construction companies are employed to do good work and ensure value for money.

He indicated that there are Israeli construction firms have had a very small share of the country’s road projects, even though the best roads in Ghana “were done by Israeli companies”.

He stated: “Ghana deserves high quality because it is a country that is a leader in Africa, and a leading country cannot have low products.”

He indicated that even if there are low quality products coming from Israel, “you have to get rid of them, simple!”





The Republic News Online

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