Ghanaians under Severe Hardship, want NDC to return to power – John Afful

Mr John Afful, a branch Chairman of Weija Gbawe constituency of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) has said Ghana’s economy under Nana Akufo Addo is in a dire situation to the extent that Ghanaians are naturally could not smile.

According to him, the 13-months of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government has been characterised by economic hardships, despondency, rising cost of living, widespread corruption and rising unemployment.

“You don’t see many smiling faces in Ghana today because the economy has gone down, and the circumstances of our country today are bad,” the NDC branch Chairman told THE REPUBLIC in an interview.

He noted  that, farmers could no longer afford their fertilizer, so the output from our farms declined under the NPP, therefore causing rising prices of food stuff, among others.

In addition to that, fuel and other petroleum products have also increased significantly thereby making live unbearable.

Mr Afull asked the government to as a matter of urgency reduce the cost of petroleum products in the country to ease the unnecessary economic hardship on the people of Ghana.

“Everything is going up, but no money. I want President Akufo-Addo to do something economically wise about the skyrocketing of petroleum prices. The situation has brought hardship and killing many businesses.”

“The youth that the President promised jobs in 2016 don’t get any work to do. Every place you go to, you see hundreds and hundreds of young people standing idle and doing nothing.”

“It is dangerous for the people of our country. Crime is increasing due to unemployment increase. We are virtually back to the days of where people sleep early even though there is no curfew,” he stated.

In view of this Mr Afful said the only political party that could put back the smile on the faces of Ghanaians, is the NDC as Ghanaians have come to realized and cries for the return of the party.

“NDC is the only party capable of doing it, and mobilising Ghanaians to build our country once again. Many people who voted NPP have regretted, they have realized their mistakes and now want the return of NDC, ” he claimed.

He told the paper that the country is not driving in the right direction, for which reason,“we have reinvigorated, rebranded and repositioned the NDC.”

Mr Afful said, President Nana Akufo Addo should listen to the voices of wisdom, listen to what Ghanaians are saying; those outside his party, those who are not politicians and the clergy and put the nation in order.

He also admonished members of the National Democratic Congress to take part in the registration exercises and reorganization to bring the party back to power to save Ghanaians from hardship. Engsalige Nyaaba

The Republic News Online

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