Ghanaians losing Hope on Change Promised them—Hon Adjei

National Democratic Congress(NDC) Member of Parliament for Wassa East in the Western Region, Hon Isaac Adjei Mensah has said the inability of President Akufo Addo to address the infrastructural deficit and other related problems at the State of the Nation Address, has dashed the hope placed on the change promised Ghanaians by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) led government.

According to him, instead of working to create jobs and improve the condition of Ghanaians, the government and its appointees are rather chastising and ruining Ghanaians by throwing tens of thousands of workers into the already saturated unemployment market and wretchedness.

“Rather than working to create jobs and improve the condition of Ghanaians, leading elements in the NPP government rather ruin Ghanaians by throwing tens of thousands of workers into the already unemployment market,” he said.

Hon Adjei Mensah made these observation during an interview with THE REPUBLIC on his views of the President recent State of the Nation Address (SONA) in parliament on February 8, this year.

He expressed the view that since 2017, Ghanaians have not seen the change promise them by the current government, stressing that workers, traders and others are facing series of daunting socio-economic problems.

Mr Adjei accused the Nana Addo government of mismanaging the economy, pointing out that the increasing rate of unemployment and insecurity are all indication that there was no hope on the change promised Ghanaians during the 2016 general elections.

The current sorrow state of our economy, he said is against the background of the campaign promise of the NPP government to create millions of jobs annually and that the reality underscores the grave and depressing situation of the Ghanaian economic landscape.

Generally Mr Adeji said, everything has come to a standstill and nothing is moving and for which reason he was expecting the president to inform Ghanaians what he has done, what he is doing and what he intend doing in the years ahead.

He said, in all sectors from economy, health, roads infrastructures, education, works and housing, employment and security, the President has failed and that Ghanaians deserved to know the sort of policies with specifics and timelines.

The Wassa East lawmaker further pointed out that, Ghana is predominantly an agriculture country but president Akufo could not tell Ghanaians how he intend to run the country beyond aid.

He said majority of Ghanaians who placed hope on the capacity of President Nana Akufo Addo to bring about positive change is being undermined by his government’s inability to address the infrastructural deficit as well as related problems in the energy sector, such as unaffordable electricity tariffs and fuel price hike.

Mr Adjei said, works on cocoa roads, the Eastern corridor road and many projects across the country that were commenced by former President John Mahama administration have all been stalled and farmers and commuters who need such roads remained hopeless under the current government.

“Not only is government unable to achieve this for going into two years now, but moving forward many roads that were started under the NDC administration should have been completed or works ongoing,” he stated.

For him, it was about time the President stop the deceptive campaign promises and take steps to address the reoccurring challenge of fuel and food price hike.

The Minority MP also berated the government over the inherent corruption in the system, which he said has made it impossible for investors to transact business with the government to shore up economic growth.

He said, it is becoming clearer and clearer by the day that the economic team headed by the Vice President and managed by the Minister for Finance does not have the clout and the capacity to woo investors into an economy that is technically in a recession.

“Our nation is headed for a ditch and a U-Turn is urgently needed to save us from the impending doom that we are destined for should we continue on this path. It was not for any reason that we the Minority were in black when the President address parliament, we are of the view that Ghana is in sorrows, economic development of Ghana is in of sorrow state, ” Mr Adjei stated.

The NDC government, he noted left a robust economy with an appreciable growth rate, but since the NPP took over everything have come to standstill and Ghanaians faces more hardship than ever.

The Wassa East MP chastised the President, for lacking inspiration and woefully failing to offer hope to suffering Ghanaians, arguing that the SONA was a far cry from the realities that Ghanaians have been forced to live with since the NPP assumed office.
Sources: Engsalige Nyaaba

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