Ghanaian Uber Driver ‘Rapes’ Passenger in US

…Runs to Ghana after bail jump

A 30 year old Ghanaian man, Fredrick Amfo, is on the run from the United States police after he jumped bail following an arraignment over the alleged rape of a patron of Uber taxi services in the US.

Mr. Amfo is said to have relocated to Ghana from the US after the Quincy district court in Massachusetts had granted him bail in the sum of $10,000 over his alleged molestation of American, Emily Murray.

He is said to have escaped to Ghana, taking advantage of a small loophole in the justice procedure of Massachusetts’ legal regime. The procedure, which allowed suspects on bail, a 24 hour window to submit their passports has since been tightened by the court.

Mr. Amfo is said to have posted the bail but rather than follow it up with a surrendering of his passports to the authorities within 24 hours, had escaped from the US.

He is accused of pinning down his victim and raping her on the back seat of an Uber taxi, that Amfo had been driving as a transport serviceman.

Emily Murray who has said she has been distraught by the experience reported the incident to the Weymouth Police who arrested the Ghanaian Uber taxi driver and then arraigned him before court.

Procedurally, the Quincy district court had granted him bail – in the sum of $10,000 – and ordered that he surrender his passport to the court clerk’s office within 24 hours.

However, on Monday, the Weymouth Police emailed Ms Murray to inform her that Amfo has run away from the US after someone had posted the bail sum.

A Norfolk county Sheriff’s Department spokesperson has since sworn that Amfo had been transferred to the jail at 4:00 Friday afternoon but by 5:30 someone had posted that bail cash.

An apartment that he used to live in together with his family has since been vacated. He is believed to have since relocated to Ghana.

Court documents showed that Fredrick Amfo had relocated from Ghana to the US in 2009, and has since acquired a degree in Accounting. In a bid to acquire a Masters, he has been working two jobs, one as an Uber driver, to fund his education.

His victim had hired his taxi on the fateful day of the rape. Emily Murray says while in the back seat of the taxi, Amfo had forced himself on her, raping her in the car.

She has since expressed anger at the news of the escape of the alleged rapist – “I felt hurt, betrayed and just all round upset.”

The Massachusetts has since reviewed its processes to ensure that thenceforth defendants given bail surrender their passports upon posting bail, effectively shutting the 24 hour window within which documents are surrendered. Adotei



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