Management of Ghana Water Company ltd, official national water supply agency has warned that the commencement of the Dry Season has brought a toll on water supply around the country.

In a release by Stanley Martey, Public relations officer of the GWCL, it was pointed out that the effect of the new season is already being felt by way of intermittent water supply in Accra and parts of the country.

The release also points out the fact that the pumping pressure in household pipes has reduced.

The general effect of the dry season it said has led to many people who depended on the rains to join in on dependence on water supplied through the taps, which has put pressure on availability.

“We are sorry to inform the consuming public that, the situation has led to intermittent water supply in most Cities and Towns in the country.

“It must be emphasized that during this season, a number of consumers resort to the use of treated water for keeping lawns green, for commercial washing of vehicles etc. The dry season is on and consumers with greater dependence on rainwater have also compounded the problem by taking to treated water use. These practices ease the pressures in the pipelines thereby causing low pressure and no flow in some areas, especially areas located in high elevations.

“Management of GWCL is very much concerned about the serious impact of the water situation in the Country and wish to assure the general public that, the company is working assiduously to undertake the necessary steps aimed at improving the water delivery in the Country.”

To cope with the situation, the release urged consumers to use available water supplied judiciously.

“Cease indiscriminate watering of lawns with treated water, Moderate the use of treated water for car washing through the use of buckets, instead of hosing, shut all taps when not in use, repair all leakages in your homes, like overflowing reservoirs and dripping taps, valves, etc.
It also encouraged the general public to report all burst pipes and leakages immediately to the nearest GWCL district offices, Customer Service centres, Fault Offices, or via the GWCL customer App which is available on the Google Playstore on android cell phones and Applestore on iPhones and Tablets.

Alternatively, consumers and the general public can report through GWCL WhatsApp lines (0555123393, 0555155524, 0207385088, 0207385089, 0207385090, or Google locations, pictures and videos of the burst.

All persons engaged in illegal connections, by-passes, and all malpractices against GWCL are to be reported.

“Management of GWCL, wishes to advice the general public that it is doing its utmost best to solve the water situation in the country but as patriotic citizens, we need to desist from Antisocial and unacceptable behaviors like the use of in-line pumps, illegal connections, and by passes. Let us pay our bills promptly and help GWCL to serve you better,” the statement said.



Source: Adotey

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