Reconciliation, Unity Critical to NDC’s Victory 2020– Women’s Organizer

AS political parties prepares for the conduct of 2020 Presidential and parliamentary polls, the Greater Accra Regional Women’s Organiser of the National Democratic Congress(NDC), Madam Felicia Mekpoi Bortey, has said only a genuine reconciliation and unity among members of the party could guarantee the NDC’s electoral victory at  the 2020 general elections.

Towards this end, she tasked the party’s newly elected women leaders to immediately set in motion machinery that would pave way for the sincere harmonisation of the defeated aspirants of the party in recent constituency elections and also placate aggrieved members.

Madam Bortey made the call during post elections unity and reconciliation meeting at Ada constituency in the Eastern Zone of the Region last week Thursday.

The women organisers where from Ada, Sege, Shai-Osuduku and Kpone-Katamanson constituencies of the NDC.

Speaking to the Women’s Organizers, the Regional Women’s Organiser said it was germane to reconcile members’ differences and ensure that the party goes into the national elections without albatross to contest for the presidential parliamentary elections.

According to her only a party that is “united” and devoid of albatross could defeat the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2020 polls.

“I am here this morning to call on you fellow women organisers to iron out the differences, if you know you offended your colleague during the campaigns leading to the constituency conference. We must be bold to forgive each other and work to together for the common goal, thus is to win the seats and the presidency,” she said.

Madam Bortey therefore charged the elected women organisers to reach out to the women who contested but lose and as well as their supporters to work together in the national campaign.
In her her view, the NDC would win the general elections base on the effort by the women’s wing of the party, adding that, “we can not go into the elections with a divided front and expect a victory.”

She said NDC needed to reconcile its differences and redouble its efforts in order to emerge victorious in the next general presidential and parliamentary polls.

She added, ” as a Regional Women’s Organizer with joy and the only project I have now is to make sure we carry out all necessary reconciliation so that this party will win back all the parliamentary seats we lost in 2016 and the presidential elections.

“This is the commitment I am making between myself and the good people of NDC in Greater Accra Region. We understand the pervading hunger and the misplaced priorities they are being subjected to by the NPP government,” she said.

Madam Bortey congratulated the elected women’s leaders and promised to work closely with them to ensure victory for the party in the Region if re-elected as Regional Women’s Organizer in the upcoming regional conference for new executives.
“I will continue to contribute to rebuilding and rebranding the party. I am calling on all of you present here and your supporters who feel aggrieved over one thing or another to reconcile with each other and everybody because their votes must count,” she added.
Some constituencies Chairmen present including Stephen Quaye,Sege, Benjamin Manyeh, Shai-Osuduku and Eben Karbutey of Ada, took turns to address the women and urged them to forgo all grievance and difference and work together for a common goal.

They equally called for reconciliation among all the party’s stakeholder, especially the women wing as well as a change of strategy in order to ensure victory in 2020.

According the Chairmen, If NDC members, stakeholders and newly elected constituencies executives reconcile their differences, ensure change of strategy, the party will take over power democratically come 2020.

The Chairmen said the NDC remained the fairest and most democratic party that ever ruled Ghana and that with unity and hard work, the party would have opportunity to lead the nation for development.

Source: the republic news Engsalige Nyaaba

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