GAF rejects female army recruits over breast and butt size

Scores of female army recruits hopefuls have had their dreams of defending the country by land, sea or air dashed after they were rejected due to the plus size of their breast and buttocks.

The Ghana Armed Forces which is currently recruiting personnel, disqualified such ladies during the documentation and body selection process which is ongoing at the El Wak Sports stadium.

Some of the disqualified applicants who spoke to expressed their disappointment over the fact that they’ve been denied the opportunity of realizing the dream which they’ve nursed since childhood.

“I’ve always wanted to be a soldier and was ready any day to defend my country Ghana at the peril of my life, but little did I know that my dream will never materialize because of my heavy buttocks and breast. It is unfortunate that I couldn’t make it into the army, but I can’t also do anything about my huge backside and front.”

The Ghana Armed Forces has requirements in the recruitment process which shortlisted applicants should meet including not having a tattoo on any part of the body whether visible or concealed, not being flat footed and for the women, not being well endowed in front and behind.

An army source told this website that men and women recruits who have tattoos on their bodies are automatically disqualified. According to him, it is presumed that persons with tattoos belong to certain cults that whose presence in the army will be problematic.

Also an applicant with a flat foot is disqualified because that person cannot wear army boots for a long time, he/she will have pains and will end up collapsing.

According to our source, ladies with very big breast and big butts are not admitted into the army because such body composition will put a weight on the soldier and impede her running during wars or any military exercises.




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