Former coconut seller now astute entrepreneur …Gets Top Africa Award.

The Africa International Awards of Merit has been awarded by WAI Awards, a motivational entity in Africa, to a Kasoa-based former table top and hawking coconut seller, Mr. Zakari Cobbinah, alias Zakmus, now an astute businessman with a Special Award and a certificate, for managing to move up from a poor table-top coconut seller to the level of a great entrepreneur in Central and Greater Accra regions.

The awards were given to personalities who started their businesses from a humble beginning but have made it big to the top. They include, chiefs, herbal medicine practitioners, businessmen and bankers among many other professionals from African countries.

Speaking to Journalists after receiving the award and a certificate of Excellence, the exalted Zakmus noted that he started from a humble beginning but by the grace of God, he has been able to create many businesses and employed so many workers who are now making a decent living.

He therefore urged the youth to emulate persons who have managed to make it, despite their poor parental backgrounds and desist from rushing to build houses and buy cars when they have no genuine capacity to acquire such a property.

Zakmus noted that the secret behind success in life is being disciplined and the fear of God, adding that indiscipline only leads one to failure which many people try hard to avoid at all times.

He said he went to school up to Class Three because of poverty but today out of the coconut sales he managed to open many works.

He noted that there is no need for school leavers to wait for non-existent government work but it is better to venture into entrepreneurship no matter how little it can be started.

Zakmus stated that with the increasing population of the day, it is time for the youth to start venturing into entrepreneurial and technical- Vocation training and skills to survive.

He said today he is proud to have emerged successful as someone whose fortune emanated from coconut selling by hawking with a basket full of coconuts in the city of Accra.

He said to his credit guest houses, hotels, public places of convenience, block factories, football team, and many other businesses which have engaged many workers who are doing well to make his work even greater.

He said all of us have to work hard for ourselves and Mother Ghana to development whether we get chance to go to school or not.

He said those who get the chance to go to school up to the university and those who did not get the opportunity can all work hard in their fields to make it in life.

He said what he has learnt over the years is that when you persevere you will make it, concluding that one has to be creative and try hands on different things till you settle on the best one for you , adding that one has to believe in the can do spirit and it shall be well.



Source: Okae

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