…………Of systemic corruption at Ghana Consulate in New York

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, has been caught in the thick of a developing scandal as a can of worms from Ghana’s Consulate in the US that she is alleged to have sat on is spilled on social media.

The Minister, according to allegation, has turned a blind eye to fraudulent operations of a cabal in Ghana’s Consulate in the US and silenced justice by endorsing the dismissal of an investigator who exposed the activities of the cabal from employment.

Mrs. Ayorkor Botchwey, through muffler antics, is said to have allowed pure crooks, who have compromised Ghana’s cyber security to enable them defraud Ghanaians wishing to travel to the US, to remain at the helm of the Consulate when they should be facing prosecution.

In this scandalous cover up, she is said to be in league with Ghana’s Consular General and Permanent representative to the United Nations, Mrs. Marthat Ama Akyaa Pobee.

A US based Ghanaian who spilled the beans through a video that has since gone viral on social media has said that the Foreign Affairs Minister’s cover up of criminality at Ghana’s Consulate in New York is just a small part of a stormy scandal that is on the horizon.

According to the gentleman, a tendency for Ghanaian applicants who apply for traveling clearances from the Ghana Consulate in New York to be told that their applications had not been found is due to the fact that a cabal there secretly hijacks such applications and prevents them from being processed.

This same cabal, as part of its criminal operations, usually over quote costs for the processing of traveling documents that do not tend to reflect on receipts issued to payers because excess payments on official fees are creamed off by the cabal.

The young man names cabal members as including a Mrs. Lawrencia Swanzy Parker, Maame Esi Hackman, Annette Owusu and one Mr. Bamfo.

Mrs. Swanzy Parker, is responsible for ensuring the integrity of applications by prospective travelers to the US, Maame Esi Hackman is responsible for processing the documents and feeding them into the Consulate’s online Server while Annette Owusu is responsible for issuing visa stickers to successful applicants.

Bamfo, is a former security man at the Consulate.

According to the revelations, when applicants mail applications to the Consulate, the gang, rather than letting them go through the procedural processes, secretly collect all the applications and then divert them to the house Mr. Bamfo. Here, they winnow through the applications, apparently selecting only those from which they have been able to cream off bribe money and forwarding them to the Consulate to be fed into servers for processing.

The applications that do not evoke the favor of the cabal are then destroyed and not forwarded to the Consulate for processing.

“This is why sometimes you will apply for a visa and wait for a long time without answer from the Consulate and when you later follow up, you are told that your application has not been seen and that you should reapply,” the whistleblower said in the video.

According to the young man, the revelations emerged from investigations that had been conducted by one B.K.B Quantson. Mr. Quantson, through that same investigation, is said to have realized that the Ghana Consulate’s cyber set up has been tampered with and programmed in such a way that when an application is fed into the server it is automatically duplicated or triplicated.

Through the investigation, it was realized that Annette Owusu, who is in charge of issuing visa stamps and therefore chief culprit in over-quoting prices for the processing of Visa documents which are later creamed off, had also brought in an IT worker to compromise the Ghana Consulate cyber system for the benefit of the cabal.

BKB Quantson is said to have stated in his final report that there had been serious breaches by the cabal in June and August 2016, requesting that members of the cabal be penalized.

He is said to have then handed over his findings and recommendations to Mrs. Martha Ama Akyaa Pobee, Ghana’s Consular there. However, rather than sanctioning members of the cabal, Mr. B.K.B Quantson, the investigator has since been sacked.

In his absence, Mrs. Swanzy Parker, Maame Esi Hackman and Annette Owusu have remained at post, while Mr. Bamfo is believed to have quitted his job.

The US based Ghanaian whose video on the issue has since gone viral on social media said the issue has long been brought to the attention of Mrs. Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey but the Foreign Affairs Minister has since turned a blind eye to it.

As Ghana’s Chief Diplomat refuses to act, it has been a source of encouragement to the cabal which continues to perpetrate their fraud on hapless Ghanaians who keep finding out inexplicably that after they have been told to pay a given amount for the processing of their documents, Visa stickers turn up bearing receipts that testify that they had paid lesser amounts.

Other victims also continue to find out that after they have applied for Visa clearances, later follow-ups on their applications lead to shocking announcements from the Consulate that their applications had not been seen.

Mrs. Ayorkor Botchwey, is believed to have intentionally sat on the report from the investigation by Mr. B.K.B Quantson, to protect cabal members. It is not clear if either she or the Consular are beneficiaries of millions of cedis that are made off Ghanaians that apply to travel to the US.
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