Flood exposes shoddy engineering works on Salaga North roads –MP reveals


Hon. Alhaji Alhassan Mumuni, Member of Parliament (MP) for Salaga North constituency in the East Gonja District in the Northern Region, has called on the Ministry of Roads and Highways, the Ghana Highway Authority and its civil engineering works department to always do diligent work before executing road construction in the country.

According to him, the failure of the civil engineering experts to supervise and ensure diligent work on roads by government contractors has contributed substantially to the collapse of bridges that connect roads to most rivers and streams in the area.

Hon. Mumuni made the call after he visited some farming communities which were badly affected by the incessant floods that hit almost the entire Northern Region weeks ago.

The biggest blow, however, is the Kidenge–Bunjal stretch road, which links the Salaga North constituency to the Nanumba North District (Bimbila), as well as some important roads to the southern parts of Ghana which were badly destroyed after continuous heavy downpour.

The development has led to a stagnation of trading and brisk business, as well as farmers in the affected areas, of which the MP feared education could be equally affected as the stretch has become impassable.

The cutting-off of the Kidenge-Bunjal road, the MP said, means that people who live in and around smaller communities like Kidenge, Bunjal, Salaga and other farming communities will now find it very difficult to access the district capital.

He noted that, the worst of all was that, “as schools reopened, most school children and their teachers would not be able to access the road and therefore are cut off from the rest and life would become unbearable.”

Hon. Mumuni told The Republic, he is the saddest person in the country at the moment, because most of his constituents had been completely cut off from the rest of the district capital, as market and farming activities had come to a standstill.

Currently, he said, the people are traumatized by the situation, as their means of livelihood, especially social amenities, have been taken away by the floods, adding that the road serves as one of the major routes that link the communities.

Several roads, the Salaga North lawmaker said, are left uncompleted, as most of them have culverts and other surface grading being abandoned and making movement very difficult for the residents.

Alhaji Mumuni added that, if immediate measures are not taken and the central government intervenes with relief items, the residents will experience worse conditions as they could not access their farms and health centres.

He noted that, “What it means is that, if the road is not fixed immediately, the people will experience more hardship, because it is the only access road to the market centres and the health post and they would endure this trauma till the dry season and that will be three months’ time.”

While promising to offer some personal intermediate relief items, the MP also called on government, the World Bank, Africa Development Bank (AfDB) and other philanthropists to intervene to save lives, especially children.

Alhaji Mumuni reiterated his call on the Ministry of Roads and Highways to hasten the process of reconstructing all collapsed bridges, as well as pay the contractors to resume work on abandoned roads awarded for construction in the constituency.

Some of the predominant farming communities in the Salaga North constituency are Nyamaliga, Fuu, Gbung, Kpalbe, Kpalbusi, Jindanturu, Bunjal, Kabache No 1, Kabache N0 2, Dashe, Baboashe, Kpadu and Wulanyili.

The rest are Kpanshe, Nymaliga Nyapala, Takpili, Libi, Chanayili, Jinlo, Yapal Vogyili, Sakpalua, Kpinchila, Tungu, Kpalayili, Kanakulai, Latinkpa, and Kidenge, the most affected community after the rains.

Most food crops and vegetables, as well as animals, grown in the area are maize, yam, cassava, rice, groundnut, okro, beans, cattle, goats, sheep and domestic fowls.

The MP was accompanied by Alhassan Umar, the East Gonja District Coordinator of National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) and other members of the constituency.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/ Felix Engsalige Nyaaba


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