Flagstaff House, NPP in attempted cover-up

…As A Plus spills more beans

As the A-Plus corruption scandal continues to spiral and throw up tidbits, it has emerged that the conspiracy to cover-up the alleged thievery by the two Deputy Chiefs of Staff – Samuel Abu Jinapor and Francis Asenso-Boakye – had been masterminded by an axis that includes the seat of government and the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

In the buildup to the leakage of the tape capturing the voice of ACP Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah urging A-Plus to manage the scandal so that it does not become the undoing of the government, a Presidential Staffer, Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe, and the NPP’s National Youth Organizer, Sammy Awuku, had tried to keep the tape under cover.

Somehow, however, the tape had been leaked, rendering all the secret efforts of the Flagstaff House and the party useless.

A Plus has said he did not leak the tape, accusing Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe as the snitch. Mr. Nii Teiko Tagoe has, in return, said that A-Plus leaked the tape.

According to the inside story, after A Plus, who had alleged the thievery against Abu Jinapor and Francis Asenso Boakye, had delivered his statement to the police upon invitation and the police had investigated the issue, some wrongdoing had been found against the two Deputy Chiefs of Staff.

However, as is well known, the police had turned round to claim that the allegations had been totally baseless, a claim which made A Plus look foolish in the eyes of the public.

But, while the police had been lying to TV cameras, deep within the service, A Plus had been made to know that his allegations were meritorious, but that it would serve the interest of himself and his government to let the matter go.

Deputy Director of the CID, Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah, who had been one of the investigators, was the one who had urged A Plus to let go for the sake of the party.

In the same tape, Mrs. Addo-Danquah is heard professing his likeness for the President saying she hoped to meet him in person to tell him about a lot of rot going on in his government

A-Plus, choosing to be on the side of caution, had recorded his conversations with the woman even though he had intended to back down for the sake of President Akufo-Addo.

However, the police’ public claim that his allegations were baseless had led to NPP members going to town on him. As the incessant insults continued, an unhappy A-Plus sent a copy of the tape in which the police woman is heard asking him to keep the matter under wraps to Nii Teiko Tagoe at the Flagstaff House.

Mr. Tagoe, on his part, furnished a copy of the tape to Sammy Awuku, the NPP National Youth Organizer, and asked that as part of containment plan, NPP attack boys be asked to pull punches and reined in from a continuous attack on A-Plus.

It was as the containment plan was being worked out that the tapes leaked.

A-Plus has said he did not leak the tape, accusing Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe of doing the snitching. Mr. Tagoe on his part accuses A Plus of leaking the tapes, in a bid to clear his name.

As the two party activists quibble over who snitched on the Akufo-Addo government, ACP Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah has been left marooned as a deadbeat.

A lame attempt by the police woman to do damage control has since led to her claiming that her voice on the tape had been doctored, but nobody is taking her seriously.

Meanwhile, amidst the scandalous revelations that both the Flagstaff House and the NPP were conspiratorial in the cover up attempt, the ruling party’s regional Youth Organizer for Brong Ahafo, Kwame Baffoe, alias Abronye DC, has served notice that A-Plus’ safety within the NPP cannot be guaranteed.

In an interview with Accra-based Okay FM over the weekend, Abronye DC described A Plus in very intemperate terms, including calling him a wizard.

“If upon getting benefits, he will turn round and lie, act like a wizard whining that I have not got this, I have not got that… and now you want to destroy the opportunity then when it comes to the party nobody can guarantee your safety.”

According to Abronye DC, A Plus is an ingrate who did not contribute anything to the victory of the NPP but has been privileged with deals from BOST and the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and yet is not content.

“A Plus has not done any work for NPP; he is only peddling the influence of the president to take money from people.

“If he is a man let him stop the BOST contract. If he is a man let him stop going to the GRA where he collects monies from people and promises to get their containers released for them. He should stop if he says he has his own money let him stop.”

According to Abronye, A Plus is the snitch who leaked the voice clips after he had secretly recorded ACP Mrs. Tiwaa Addo-Danquah and that he had done so in a bid to salvage his fast sinking image in the NPP.

“As for the voice it is A Plus who leaked it. I say they sat at Afrikiko and fashioned out the plot to blackmail the woman….he decided to inconvenience the woman this way because within the party he is gradually becoming a persona non grata. People have become wary, saying he is a destroyer. Because the very polling station executives who suffered, they haven’t benefited like you and so if you have benefited and now you want to destroy the opportunity then when it comes to the party nobody can guarantee your safety,” Abronye said in fluent Twi.

Abronye DC, who revealed that he has attempted to land contracts at the Ghana Highways Authority but failed, said he had named A Plus as the snitch because he does not fear speaking the truth and damning the consequences.

He dared A-Plus to respond to all the things he (Abronye) has said about him with any bad thing that he (A-Plus) knows about him, Abronye, saying that A Plus cannot respond because he has nothing on him, Abronye.

He dared A Plus to counter his allegations with sleaze on him and let them subject the claims to voodoo incantations that can provoke the god of lightning to strike whoever will be found to have lied.




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