Eye-red Odupong Ofankor storms Police Hqrs  to seek justice

The chiefs and people of Odupong Ofaakor in the Central Region, clad in red bands yesterday stormed the National Police Headquarters and presented a petition to the Director-General of Criminal Investigations Department (CID), in reaction to an earlier media news presented by the Chief of Ngleshie Amanfrom, Nii Kwashie Gborlor IV, in Greater Accra Region, to allegedly claim in a media interview that they are the owners of lands near the  boundary  of the two towns, of which Odupong Ofankor stated emphatically at a press conference at Ofankor that the Ofankor people are rather the real owners of the said lands.

Speaking at a packed press conference before the trip of buses to the police headquarters, Nai Otsor Adawu Darku, the chief traditional priest of Odupong Ofankor, who spoke for his people, noted that the main aim of the press conference is set the record straight and correct the alleged wrong remarks made against the Ofankor people by the chief of Ngleshie Amanfrom, Nii Kwashie Gborlor IV, that the said land close to the boundary of the two towns is for Amanfrom and not Ofankor, which the Nai said is a blatant lie.

Nai Otsor averred that some of the false allegations made by the Amanfrom chief on air against the Ofankor people is that one Koffa, from Ofankor, allegedly recruited land guards and placed them on Amanfrom lands to terrorize their people.

He said contrary to that claim, Koffa is a responsible citizen of Ofankor, who has his wife and children in Ofankor, and so he has every right, as a developer, to develop the Ofankor lands.

He said it is not also true that Koffa or Ofankor people had given the police an expensive car to support them in their struggle for what belongs to them.

Nai Otsor noted that the Amanfrom people have over the years used land guards to harass them and even get revenue collectors to collect revenue that should come to Awutu Senya East rather wrongly to Ga South.

He  said on the site plans of the Ofankor lands that Amanfrom sells out, it is inscribed in them that the lands are in the Central Region, so the question is if Amanfrom is in Greater Accra or in the Central Region.

Nai Otsor noted that everybody knows that Odupong is the border town between Accra and Central Region and that they have lawfully leased the said lands to a number of large-scale farmers and business people a long time a ago that clearly shows that the lands are for Odupong people and nobody else.

He said it is Bortianor, Weija and Dankyira who have boundaries, and not Amanfrom, so they have no border relationship with Amanfrom at all.

He said it is Odupong Asafo or local military wing that is working on their legitimate lands and not on any other person’s land.

Nai Otsor emphasized that there are many judgments, including that of the High Court, between the two towns of which Amanfrom lost to Ofankor with heavy costs.

He said all the people who were misled to buy Ofankor lands from Amanfrom should not fear because the Ofankor chief, Nai Awushie Tetteh II, will not sack anyone who bought land from wrong hands but would sit down with them to regularize their documents to Central Region as it is visitors who are usually used to build towns and cities.

He said the court has ruled that the portions of Odupong that the Amanfrom chief showed that the Ghana Revenue Authority should take revenue from to Ga South should rather be taken for Awutu Senya East Assembly.

He called on the Government to do the proper demarcations between the two areas as Awutu Senya East is now a Municipality that needs upgrading of their roads ,drainages and development in general.

Nai Otsor noted that their Traditional boundary spans to Kalabuley near the Toll booth and so government should also make the Administrative boundary clear to foster truth and peace.

The whole Ofaakor town was claded in red colors to drive home the message that the Chiefs and people are not happy with the development as far as they and Amanfrom lands matters are concerned.

The Ofaakor people also carried placards with inscriptions such as ‘Odupong lands belongs to Odupong Ofaakor’,’we are taking back our lands’, and Amanfrom does not have lands’ among other words.

On his part, the Amanfrom Mantse,[Chief], Nii Kwashie Gborlor IV, insists in a telephone interview that he still stands by his words that the lands in dispute are for Amanfrom people.





Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/ Kwabena Odae


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