EC Boss Sues Faceless Petitioners’ Lawyer For Defamation


In what is turning out to be the burden of a fool’s cross, Maxwell Opoku Agyemang, the lawyer fronting for the faceless people who have petitioned for the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission to be impeached has been sued by the EC boss.

Yesterday, news broke of Mrs. Osei’s initiation of a rope-a-dope in court with Mr. Opoku Agyemang, who even though claims to be representing accusers of the EC boss, has not named a single one of the so-called Concerned Staff of the EC.

As at going to press yesterday, the exact line of reliefs that Mrs. Osei is seeking was unknown. However, several days before yesterday’s suit, Mrs. Osei had demanded Mr. Opoku Agyemang reveal who the faceless people were or face a suit alone.

Interestingly, while purporting to represent the so-called concerned staff of the EC, Mr. Opoku Agyemang is also the lawyer of one of two embattled Deputy Commissioners at the EC, Georgina Opoku Amankwaa.

Ms Opoku Amankwaa and another, Amadu Sulley are under investigation for financial malfeasance by the Economic and Organized Crimes Office (EOCO).

Given what is seen as the shocking misconduct of the lawyer, who is vociferously fronting for ‘ghosts’ who want the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission impeached, it has been said that his conduct warrants being summoned by the General Legal Council for disciplinary action to be taken against him.

It has been suggested that it would not be farfetched to revoke his license as a lawyer.

Mr. Opoku Agyemang shot into bad light recently, when he forwarded a 27-point petition to the President on his firm’s letterhead as a list of stated misbehavior against the EC Chairperson on the basis of which she should be impeached.

Among others, the claims impugned corruption, nepotism, political non-neutrality and supposed managerial incompetence against the woman, who has been awarded internationally for successfully delivering a tension-filled 2016 election.

In spite of the gravity of the claims, Mr. Opoku Agyemang never provided the names of the petitioners who have since remained incognito under the amorphous claim that they are Concerned Staff of the Electoral Commission.

A 28-point response by Mrs. Osei to the allegations, has since served to open up revelations that the EC, highly respected because of its pivotal role in the elections of Ghana, has for a long time been a cesspool of corruption.

As Ghanaians discover that the EC has been a whole eco-system of corruption, it has become apparent that the people who want Mrs. Osei out are forces of the status quo, who are unhappy because of a paradigm shift that she had come to introduce into the place. The new paradigm shift would deprive them of the opportunity to continue to enrich themselves at the expense of the state.

It is as the public is  becomes clear that the Electoral Commission had been run MAFIA-style in the past that Mrs. Osei is further suing to clear her name.

Now Lawyer Maxwell Opoku Agyemang looks to be on a bad misadventure as it appears he is carrying a fool’s cross.

Meanwhile, Maxwell Opoku Agyemang’s machinations against Mrs. Charlotte Osei have been seen by some people who know the two of them as a demonstration of serious ingratitude on the part of the lawyer.

Mr. Opoku Agyemang was said to be a beneficiary of Mrs. Osei’s family’s kindness when he was still a student.

One lawyer Joe Dee, was, sometime last week,  reported to have lamented the ingratitude of Lawyer Opoku Agyemang in morose words on Accra-based Neat FM.

The lamentation has since gone viral.

“Myself, Max, Charlotte and others were not just friends and mates, but a family. Myself and Maxwell together with Charlotte were always in the house of Charlotte and her parents offered us the support we needed. My parents and those of Max were poor but because of the kind of support Charlotte’s parents gave us, we went through out studies smoothly.

“Adakabre, why should Max accept to handle a petition case by people whose issues are so disjointed and baseless? Why should he do this to a sister whose parents handled us like their biological children? Her parents will give us money to buy foodstuffs etc from Okponglo, prepare fufu etc in the house and give us stipends for our upkeep, so why this action against someone who was so kind to us Adakabre?

“Adakabre, Charlotte and Max went to Canada together to further their studies, so why this attack? Max should be the last person to do this to Charlotte because he knows the impeccable record of Charlotte when it comes to corruption and other allegations he has leveled against her. Max’s attitude towards Charlotte changed when she took the EC boss appointment which is ungodly.”



Source: Fiifi Samuels 


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