…As Ambassador-At-Large Turns Bouncer, Locks Out Party Guru

Following a plummet from the gracious heights of President-wannabe, to the downmarket ingloriousness of accepting to be President Akufo-Addo’s errand boy, Ambassador-at-Large, Dr. Edward Mahama, yesterday also styled himself as a bouncer.

The man, who is the People’s National Convention (PNC)’s Presidential Candidate for the 2016 election, led a faction of his party’s executive and policemen to bounce out the party’s suspended general secretary, Atik Mohammed, from office.

Dr. Mahama, who was just flagbearer seven months ago, put aside all poise and amour-propre and led the group to lock out Mr. Mohammed from his office at the party’s national headquarters in Accra.

In what can be described as ‘Operation-Lock-Out-Atik,’ Ambassador-at-Large had led the charge, brandishing some of the office keys for the operation, while other executives, including National Vice Chairman, Henry Asante, had followed – mad  landlord style.

Mr. Mohammed, who was present at the time of the eviction, was set upon and thrown out of the office in a manner stylistic of a bouncer throwing out an improper from a night club.

Dr.  Mahama’s bouncing jaunt comes after Atik Mohammed had refused to abide by a suspension by the party’s national executives in response to criticism that he is said to have heaped on Dr. Edward Mahama for accepting an appointment by President Akufo-Addo to be Ambassador-at-Large.

Apart from the fact that Dr. Mahama is said to have accepted the post without informing anybody in the party, his acceptance of that amorphous post, which places him below a deputy minister, is seen as rather demeaning for a former pretender to the presidency.

Hassan Ayariga, former flagbearer of the PNC, who has since broken away to form the APC, has described the post as a “boy-boy” post.

Atik Mohammed is said to have viewed the demotion with similar estimation incurring the displeasure of some executives of the PNC.

Yesterday, Deputy Chairman, Henry Asante, told journalists that they had followed Dr. Edward Mahama to bounce out Atik Mohammed, after appeals to him to leave the office had fallen on deaf ears.

“He was supposed to hand over all possessions to the party in a week’s time by 28th of last month [July], we waited but he never abided by the order. So the party had no option than go and inform the Police,” Mr. Asante said.

According to him, the police advised that they serve Mr. Atik a notice, which they did. “After four days after the expiration of the notification, the party went to change the locks to his office because before then we have heard that he was coming clandestinely into the party office to perform whatever duty he wants.”

According to him, Dr. Mahama had been the leader of the bouncing squad. “I have in my possession one of the keys and Dr. Edward Mahama has the rest. I was part of those who did the locking, based on the leader’s instruction. The acting general secretary was there, as well as the treasurer.

“Yesterday, we gave our statement to the police. So Atik cannot tell us that he was not privy to that. Yesterday, he came to the police station, the police invited us and together with him we went to the office and saw the key locked. We took inventory and the police also pencilled down their statement,” he added.

Meanwhile, Citi FM reports that the embattled general secretary Atik Mohammed has formally written to the party to protest what he describes as unlawful suspension.

“I went there last Friday and I couldn’t open the door because the key had been broken and replaced. So immediately I placed a call to my lawyers and the instruction was to go and lodge a complaint with the police so that an investigation would be conducted.

“So I did that. Before then someone had told me that Akane [PNC treasurer] had sent him a Whatsapp message saying they had destroyed the lock and replaced. When Akane was invited he came in the company of Henry Asante, one of the Vice Chairmen, and some other people and they confirmed that they did the breaking. However, another revelation that came was that they said they did that on the instruction of Dr. Edward Mahama,” Citi quotes him as saying.

National Chairman, Bernard Mornah, has long maintained that the suspension of Atik Mohammed is illegal.


Source: therepublicnewsonline.com

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