Don’t Restrict Yourselves to only Women Post- NDC urges Female Members

Johnson Aseidu Nketia addressing NDC at WA

General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress((NDC), Johnson Aseidu Nketiah has urged female members, especially young ones to vie for other executive positions of the party and not restrict themselves to only post available for women.

According to the NDC scribe, apart from the women’s Organisers position, young female members should take interest in other positions like Youth Organisers and others as they have equal competency as their male counterpart.

General Secretary of the party, Mr Aseidu Nketiah disclosed this at a press conference in Accra, Thursday afternoon this week.

The press conference was to set the party guidelines for its upcoming branch elections which has been fixed on April 14, this year.

The guidelines, the General Secretary popularly called General Mosquito, were made pursuant to articles 36 and 40 of the NDC constitution with approval from the National Executive Council (NEC).

Breaking down the requirements, Mr. Asiedu Nketia said interested persons must be registered members of the party who have been active for two years.

Additionally, an aspirant for any executive position would pay a filing fee of GHS5.00 and be proposed by, at least, one person and seconded by two other people.

“To qualify to contest elections at the branch level, the aspirant must be a paid-up member of the party, which means having paid his first quarter dues. A member of the Constituency Executive Committee or a representative of the Constituency Executive Committee assisted by the branch election committee shall vet and approve the aspirant and also supervise the election.”

“Voting may be either by secret ballot or by consensus and also there shall be no proxy voting,” the General Secretary stated.

Mr Aseidu Nketia further asked aspirants who would have some disagreement with the election results to go through the right structures and process of the party to have their grievances addressed.

“Any contestant who feels aggrieved by the conduct of the elections may appeal in writing to the constituency executive committee. Where the constituency committee is unable to resolve the matter, an appeal can be laid before the Regional Executive Committee,” he said.

The branch elections is expected to fill in seven member executives including Chairman, Secretary, Organizer, Treasure, Communication Office, Women’s Organize and Youth Organiser.

In addition to the seven executives, two other persons would be co-opted into the branch as part of executives.

He said the party has successfully registered members in over 30,000 branches across the country which paved way for the branch elections, stating that, every card bearing member who paid his or her dues up to the last quarter of last year are qualified to vote and be voted for.

This, Mr Aseidu Nketia urged women in the NDC to vie for other offices beside women’s organizing position to better political participation in the country.

“I will urge our women to vie for other post in the party, they should not limit themselves to only women position in our party,” he stated.

Currently, only Ruth Dela Seddo of Afraim Plains North Constituency in the Eastern Region has expressed interest for the Deputy National Youth Organiser position.

She contested in the 2014, national youth delegate congress but lose narrwly to Kobby Barlon and James Fonu Kpatasa, but since vowed to come back with stronger forces to the position.

After this election, the NDC is expected to elect its national officers, after which the stage would be set for the election of parliamentary candidates and a flag bearer for the 2020 election.

So far, some bigwigs in the party including Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, former Trade Minister, Sylvester Mensah, former Presidential Staffer, Alban Bagbin current first Deputy Speaker of Parliament and Professor Joshua Alabi, former Vice Chancellor of UPSA have expressed their interest to lead the party. Engsalige Nyaaba

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