Did a vengeful corpse just expose killer?

A video has surfaced somewhere in West Africa which claims to show a corpse revealing its assassin. If you take a closer look at this video, you will see about eight to ten pallbearers (also known as “undertakers”) having a hard time carrying a coffin to its destined location – the burial ground.

These pallbearers, according to the video, were redirected to someone’s room – a strange development which, in most African cultures, show that the deceased is ready to reveal who killed him or her.

In Ghana for example, various stories have been told of how pallbearers find it difficult to carry a coffin to its burial grounds as most schools of thought have it that it’s either the deceased was not destined to die that soon or might have been killed as captured in this video.

In the Ga culture, instances like these lead to the pouring of libation so “the gods convince the deceased to transition to the new world of the dead”.

Other cultures in Ghana and Africa also see a very dear family member or friend of the deceased lead the coffin of the departed to the cemetery as it’s believed that such loved persons are the main channel through which the soul of the deceased gets convinced to the land of the dead.

Funerals in Ghana and Africa remain one of the most solemn life cycles which displays pure culture and traditions as it’s believed that paying one’s last respect to the departed promises one the joys and peace of “life after death”.



Source: yen.com.gh

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