Deputy Chief Of Staff Calls A-Plus ‘A Sheep’

…A Plus calls NPP supporters “Stupid Robots”

The cold war between failed musician turned New Patriotic Party (NPP) activist, Kwame A Plus, and the two Deputy Chiefs of Staff of the Akufo-Addo government, Francis Asenso-Boakye and Samuel Abu Jinapor, appears to have spiraled out of hand.

As one of the deputies, whom A Plus has called “corrupt stupid thieves,” has made time from his busy schedule to respond for good measure, the fallout has led, among other things, to the personification of A Plus as a sheep.

The scathing reply from Asenso Boakye has also dismissed A Plus as an attention whore, a social climber and a disgruntled blackmail artist.

“It’s a shame that you would sheepishly use your social media platform and following to seek to besmirch my image and reputation simply to score some measure of revenge for my inability to accede to your request,” Francis Asenso-Boakye wrote in reply to A Plus.

It is not clear if it is A Plus’ trademark spot of a goatee that has led to this “sheepish” perception about him, but it gets worst; according to Mr. Asenso-Boakye, A Plus also has a sick sense of entitlement to the spoils of politics under Akufo-Addo.

“Like you, many people contributed to our resounding electoral victory and remain eager to assist the government achieve its transformation agenda by building a resilient economy that provides fair and equitable opportunities for all. Yet, I must say that it is not everyone who has developed a nauseating sense of entitlement as you unfortunately have.”

Mr. Asenso Boakye dismisses apparent blackmail that A-Plus has attempted on him by writing, “May I reiterate to you, as I did in April, that I will not be intimidated by your vile attacks on my person or held to ransom…

“Indulging in baseless accusations and unsubstantiated claims of corruption and arrogance is beneath you and frankly discredits you in the eyes of right thinking Ghanaians.”

The Deputy Chief of Staff then derisively urges A Plus to avail himself of the opportunity to be a whistleblower for President Akufo-Addo if indeed he has corruption to report: “As the President noted at the just ended NPP Conference, he is willing and ready to look into any case of alleged corruption.  You may kindly take up his generous offer and present your case to him.”

Francis Asenso Boakye then signs off by insinuating that A Plus is an infantile and mentally immature, “While I have this opportunity, allow me to echo the sentiments of President J. A. Kufuor. We need matured minds in our Party and body politics.”

Many Ghanaians who have followed the tag-of-words are seeing that A Plus, a character who similarly besmirched former President Mahama and the NDC government to the delight and congratulation of the NPP when the ruling party was in opposition, has finally met his match.

The whole exchange had begun when A Plus had taken to social media to launch a tirade on President Akufo-Addo’s two deputy Chiefs of Staff, Francis Asenso Boakye and Samuel Abu Jinapor, calling them “corrupt, stupid thieves.”

“…7 months of NPP government. So far so good except appointing some very corrupt official including the two very stupid deputy chief of staff. It’s amazing how Nana was able to appoint two thieves whose level of stupidity is the same. Arrogant and corrupt fools. You think you’ll be in power forever. Even John Mahama I was not afraid of him then you (sic),” A-Plus had written on his Facebook timeline.

The allegation had dovetailed similar ones that the MP for Assin Central, Ken Agyapong and pro NPP Pastor, Isaac Owusu Bempah, had made about the President’s cousin, Gabby Asare Otchere- Darko, who allegedly extorts $20,000 from investors as precondition for seeing the President in person.

It is in reply that A Plus, a social media activist of the ruling government has been characterized in all sorts of derogatory words, including “sheepish.”

Francis Asenso Boakye’s reply to A Plus was also pregnant with insinuations that the failed musician had attempted to blackmail him for something.

The Deputy Chief of Staff’s reply had been made on Facebook after he had returned from the NPP’s National Delegates’ conference in Cape Coast when President Akufo-Addo warned that whistleblowers must be prepared to produce hard cold evidence.

A Plus has since, however, replied Mr. Asenso Boakye again, revealing that behind the scenes, Asenso-Boakye has already been reported to the President about something that hints up to be a corruption misadventure.

A Plus, through that post on Facebook, has implied that a cloud of scandal that hangs around Asenso-Boakye is really huge.

“Dear Asenso Boakye, I just read your post on Facebook. I therefore think it’s appropriate to reply you on Facebook. 2 weeks ago you told someone that I have reported you to the president. Can you please in another post tell everyone what the report was about?”

“Oh you sure you want to do this? Really? All of a sudden you are that powerful. Wow!!! Let’s see how it goes. It’s me, Kwame A Plus.”

Observers have since been held in a spellbound of suspense as everybody looks forward to Asenso Boakye daring A Plus to let the cat out of the bag.

Meanwhile, in the troll and counter troll between A Plus and Akufo-Addo’s Deputy Chief of Staff, NPP supporters and communicators have not been spared. A Plus has called them, “Stupid robots.”

Apparently, the ruling party has unleashed its communicators to run down A Plus because of the corruption allegations that he has been making against the two actors of government.

“Now you are calling people to defend you. You are going on WhatsApp groups and asking people attack A Plus for you. The same people you refuse to pick their calls because now you have a V8. The same people you disrespect when you meet. And those people too. Stupid robots!!! These were the people who were calling you everyday because they wanted power. Now the only time they call you is when they are looking for someone to attack A Plus.”

In what he implies to be a “use and dump” of the NPP’s supporters, A Plus said such “Stupid Robots” are only called on by NPP gurus when an attack dog is needed, and that for their services, they are paid insulting peanuts.

“You remember they called you and told you to defend the party not long ago and after the meeting they gave each one of you 100 Ghana and jollof me boa? It was 5 Cedis denominations in the envelop I lie? To make the envelope look big bia? Because they don’t respect you. They see you as fools. I “won’t be surprised if the money was more than 100 Ghana per person. It is possible that they chopped 1900 from each envelop and gave you 100. You look at grown-up people in the face and give them 100 Ghana. Hahahahaha sɛ mo nso mo se moagyimigyimi they will do you like that saaa.

“When they get contracts they give it to themselves. When they get issues they call you.”




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