DCE for Akatsi South lacked Competence to run Assembly–NDC


–as EX-DCE Denies Leaving GH₵4M Debt for Successor

The immediate past District Chief Executive (DCE) for Akatsi South District Assembly under the National National Democratic Congress(NDC) administration, Mr Samuel Kwadzo Wuadi, has denied leaving behind a debt of over GH₵4 million as alleged by his successor,Mr Leo-Nelson Adzidogah

The Ex- DCE rather charged on his successor to take immediate steps to learn basic principles on local governance and political administrative to save his New Patriotic Party from total failure.

Mr Wuadi, made the denial at a press conference in Akatsi on Thursday March 8, in reaction to allegation by his successor that left huge debts with the District Assemble before existing office in January, 2017.

According to him, the allegation that he bequeathed a huge debt of over GHC4million to his successor was false and without basis and warned his successor, Adzidogah not to reverse any development decision he met in office.

Mr Adzodogah, the current DCE had in his maiden press statement to the people of Akatsi South, revealed that he inherited a debt of GHS4.6million from the immediate past DCE, Mr Wuadi of the NDC administration.

However, reacting to the allegation, Mr Wuadi said the allegation were without facts and borne out of political mischief, aimed at tarnishing his hard won reputation and to discredit the huge investment made by the NDC under his tenure.
“It is an indisputable fact that the budgeting system of the district assembly concept in Ghana since its inception works on expected revenue and projected expenditure.”
“The projected expenditures are not debt and cannot be debt. For example if the assembly’s revenue namely District Assemblies Common Fund, District Development Fund, Internally Generated Funds, HIPC Fund due to the assembly and projected contracts to be awarded, this cannot be debts.”
“Even where these contracts are awarded, it is only when the contracts are executed and certificates of work raised and certified by appropriate authority that it becomes an obligation on the assembly to effect payment and payments are effected when statutory funds are released by the Central Government to the assemblies, which we all know are always in arrears,” he stated.
He contended that, in planning for a particular fiscal year, the assembly considers its programs and activities in line with the composite budgeting and put forward the projected expenditure and expected revenue through budget hearing from the Sub-committee level, Executive Committee of the assembly to the Regional budget hearing before it is brought back to the General House for an approval.
Mr Wuadi stated that, “it is common knowledge that most of these projects are currently on-going and it is only when certificates are raised and approved by the assembly that a debt arose. This is simply common sense, yet he failed to understand and appreciate it. It is one of the basic fundamentals of accounting that there cannot be liability without assets.”
“Assets generate cost and the cost lead to liability. The Honourable DCE choose to quote figures ignorantly without the knowledge of the fact that the records are there in exaggerating the Assembly debt without relating it to the assets that generate the debt he was overstressing and trumpeting for political mischief,” he added.
The ex-DCE berated his successor and said, he needed to undergo basic study in Business to acquire some knowledge in basic and fundamental principles of accounting equation so he could come to the upstanding that, “ASSETS +LIABILITY=CAPITAL. ”
He argued that, though the DCE and his NPP government continued to fabricate figures, the good people of Akatsi South appreciated the numerous capital investment initiated by the erstwhile NDC administration for the eight years they were in government.

Section of the NDC members in the constituency

The former DCE added that, since assumption to office, Mr Adzidogah has demonstrated to the effect that he lacked the competence and capacity to run an effective business outfit let alone governing a district like Akatsi South.

” If we should be alluding to the thinking of Hon. Leo-Nelson Adzidogah as contained in his press released, then we are supposing that all the committees that worked on the budget statement of the assembly for the period did not perform to expectation. However, I strongly disagree with the myopic and blinkered thinking of my successor. The various committees did a very competent job. I presume that the current DCE did not understand the district assembly concepts and its budgeting system.
“I would not begrudge him for the lack of technical knowledge, because this is a man who just got a job as DCE after he was dismissed from an Oil company over an alleged poor performance,”stated Mr Wuadi.
He described Adzidogah allegations as a wishful thinking and a huge political joke and asked him to first clean the mess he started creating in the assembly before making unfounded allegations against him (ex-DCE) and the NDC government.
In his view, the New Patriotic Party governorship DCE was bereft of programmes and ideas on how to run the District despite the opportunity given, hence his unsubstantiated media attacks on his person and the former government for cheap popularity.
“I still presume that the Hon. DCE. does not know anything about accounting and administrative management yet he would not consult his competent technical staff before putting out fabricated and dishonest figures into public domain and drawing hasty conclusion that the past NDC administration had left suffocating huge debt through clandestine and surreptitious press releases in his office with his political associates without the knowledge of his staff. Ii is worth noting that in due course, this inept and arrogance attitude will cause him greatly in his political life,” the former DCE said.
He said, Mr Adzidogah has further exposed his ignorance about governance by talking of debts from contracts which have not been executed and paid for, stating that, “we have seen Mr Adzidogah as a political noisemakers whose only trade in stock is to make bogus allegation and promises.”
Flanked by some constituency executives of the NDC at the press briefing, Mr Wuadi reminded the DCE that he could not develop the district by disparaging the revered office of the assembly and drawing the revered traditional leaders into politics.
He advised Mr Adzidogah to concentrate on his government campaign promise to the people on what he intends to do for Avenor instead of dissipating energy to discredit the former administration.
Mr Wuadi noted that the giant strides of John Mahama led NDC administration and the Member of Parliament(MP), Hon Bernard Ahiafor in Akatsi South are very obvious and laudable that the antics and rantings of the government of NPP led by Nana Akufo Addo could never deny or wish them away.
“We have made huge capital investment in educational infrastructure, health, water and sanitation, road, electrification and other areas of national interest which have immensely contributed to the improved living condition of our people.”
“The total amount due are those certificates that were certified by the appropriate authorities at assembly for value of work done by the various supplies and contractors totaling GH ₵1,371,798.31. The question that one would have loved to ask our Honourable DCE is, where from the GH ₵4.6million debt coming from? It can only be figment of his own imagination put in public domain with ill motive,” Mr Wuadi stated.
He further denied allegation that, the sitting MP, Hon Bernard Ahiafor has also saddled the assembly with debts through his shares of MPs common funds on some projects that never materialized but money paid.
He explained that, “the MP’s share of the common fund is always a small percentage of the district assembly common fund, hence when the common fund delays the MP’s share of the common fund also delays of which the MP does not sign the disbursement form let alone the cheque for payment but only look at the guidelines and direct the DCE for the release of the fund for MP’s projects in the District.”
“The MP’s share of the common fund, the officer in charge of the fund at the assembly always furnish the MP with the bank reconciliation statement of each month, where lies the debt of one hundred and thirty eight thousand Ghana cedis (GH ₵138,000. 00) being bundled around by the DCE?,” the ex-DCE said.
Mr Waudi reiterated his innocence of any debt left on the assembly’s under his tenure,pointing that, “the Economic and organized Crime Office (EOCO) had conducted investigation into the activities of the Akatsi South District Assembly between the period 2015 to 2016,” whilst he was in office as the substantive District Chief Executive, upon allegation and was cleared from any wrong doing.
For that, he dared the DCE to revisit the investigation into the affairs of the assembly report and stop dragging the revered and highly respected chiefs into his clandestine political mischief.
He also challenged Mr Adzidogah, to produce the evidence to the contrary and produce the outstanding certificates of work done that amount to over GH ₵4.6 million and stop his cheap political propaganda with ill motive which would not help for the smooth development of the district.

Mr Daniel Dagba, constituency Secretary

Mr Daniel Dagba, Akatsi South constituency of NDC also lambasted Mr Adzidogah for having involve in corrupt practices by awarding contracts to the renovation of his official residents bungalow and several others without due procurement process.
“The Hon. DCE since assumption of office had awarded some contract namely renovation of his official bungalow, renovation of his office, re-conditioning of his official Nissan patrol (Everything His), construction of market shade, renovation of the assembly hall and provision of security post at the assembly office of which we are told at some exorbitant prices without following proper procurement procedures and making payments without warrant contrary to Public Financial Management Act.”
“It must be stated that, those renovations were needless because, there are equally important projects at the various communities that need immediate completion when payment is made to the deserving contractors. I challenged him to put the contract sum of those renovation works in the public domain for proper assessment and scrutiny,” he alleged.
The NDC further advised Mr Adzidoga to sit up as DCE and lobby for development and refrain from causing confusions and as well learn to be truthful in life.

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