CLOSAG Vows To Resist Public Workers Sacking

The Council of the Civil and Local Staff Association of Ghana (CLOSAG) has expressed its disappointment at the NPP-led government’s intent to lay off some of its members and threatens to resist any attempts by government to do so.

The  group, mostly made up of public sector employees, says such a move on the part of the government will not only have a negative effect on the smooth operation of the public sector, but will also go a long way to disrupt the living conditions of a good number of Ghanaians and their dependence.

Earlier this week, the Senior Minister, Yaw Osafo-Maafo, during a speech at the  Ghana Economic Forum on the theme: ‘The Ghanaian-Owned Economy: 60 Years After Independence’ hinted about the government’s intention of laying off some employees working within the public sector, with the excuse that  “the public sector is full.”

“Today under the IMF program the public sector is full in terms of employment. We cannot employ anybody in the public sector. It’s full and indeed it is full. Perhaps we have to even lay some off.”

But speaking during a radio interview in Accra yesterday, the Eastern Regional Chairman of the Council of the Civil and Local Staff Association of Ghana (CLOSAG), Isaac Asante Wiafe, noted that laying off public sector workers is not a prudent way of addressing such an issue, since the termination of workers’ appointments would cause the government to pay huge compensation packages to those affect.

He said that the huge compensation that would be paid by the government as a result of the laying off of the workers could be used to generate more employment opportunities to the teeming youth out there.

According to Mr. Asante Wiafe, although CLOSAG, as a body, believes and has accepted the government’s vision of creating more job opportunities for the unemployed in the country and the provision of an enabling environment for the businesses to thrive, yet it will not entertain any attempts to lay off its members without any tangible reason.

“Currently the government has put a hold on employment within the public sector for some time which we all know and that’s the government’s way of doing things, we don’t have any issue with that. The government’s initiative for One Factory, One Dam, the creation of job opportunities like that Planting for Food and Jobs all these are good things that would offer chances for our youths to also get something to do. So we, as CLOSAG, have advised our members also to work hard to support the government’s vision and efforts in transforming the Ghanaian economy , but if the government  wants to reciprocate our gesture by laying off some of our members, I think that won’t be fair and so we will not accept it.”

He emphasized that CLOSAG will not accept and kowtow to pressures from the government as it make efforts to lay off some of its members and assured members to exercise patience and wait for further directions from the association’s executives.





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