Clean Your Act Or Get Out!

– Boakye-Djan Tells Akufo-Addo        

The snowballing chorus for a revolution in Ghana has received a booming adlib from Capt. (Rtd) Osaahene Boakye-Djan, a soldier who rides a fierce reputation from his days as the face and spokesperson of the June 4th 1979 bloody revolution.

The retired Captain, who says he has been in mourning over the lynching of Capt. Maxwell Mahama, has presented President Akufo-Addo with two choices – to either take charge as Commander-in-Chief of the army and stem the tide of impunity or step down as President.

If Akufo-Addo does not do any of the two, Boakye-Djan warns that the third option would be to remove him by force.

In an interview ahead of this Sunday’s commemoration of June 4th he warned the President that it is his superintendence over open impunity that has degenerated into open attack on democracy with the dastardly lynching of the late Capt. Maxwell Mahama of the 5th Infantry Battalion as fallout.

“He (Akufo-Addo) must be seen to be on top of the situation or he must be prepared to leave. If he doesn’t and the situation deteriorates, there will be a way of getting him out anyway.”

The former coupist had warned that the spate of impunity in the country originates from the backyard of Akufo-Addo himself, with goon squads of the ruling NPP, including Invisible Forces and Delta Force, stomping about and causing mayhem.

Capt. Boakye-Djan’s take comes after the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) had recently warned that if the culture of impunity under Akufo-Addo continues, the NDC would be constrained to lead a social revolution.

The warning also comes after former President Rawlings, leader of the June 4th Revolution, had stated at the 38th anniversary commemoration of the revolution in Wa that the greed and corruption that had instigated the June 4th revolution in 79 is a thousand times worse in nowadays Ghana.

“Believe it or not the greed of today is a thousand times more than what these Generals were executed for,” Rawlings had said.

Interestingly, the June 4th revolution had overthrown the Supreme Military Council (SMC) a junta headed by of President Akufo-Addo’s uncle, Lt. Gen. Fredrick Akuffo. After the overthrow, Rawlings had lined up Lt. Gen. Akuffo, along with two other former Heads of State, Gen Ignacious Kutu Acheampong and Lt. Gen. Akwasi Amakwaa Afrifa, at a firing squad and shot them.

Five senior military officers had also fallen casualty to the revolution.

According to Osahene Boakye-Djan, the recent lynching of Capt. Maxwell Mahama of the 5thInfantry brigade is an act of impunity that could never have happened during the June 4threvolution.

He squarely lays blame for the murder on President Akufo-Addo, whom he said was not being on top of situations as President and Commander-in-Chief of the army, even as goons from the President’s party run amok and perpetrate mayhem.

Indeed, the lynching of the late Capt. Mahama had been instigated and led by William Baah, the Diaso Branch Secretary of the ruling NPP.

Boakye-Djan cites that prior to the lynching which has evoked public outrage, the NPP’s goon squad, Invisible Forces, had attacked another security officer, a policeman, at the Flagstaff House, beating him and dispossessing him of his car.

Even though the incident had been caught on camera, the perpetrators were never made to face justice with the Akufo-Addo government rather detaining another soldier in guard room at the Burma Camp over accusations that he had leaked the CCTV footage to the media.

Capt. (Rtd) Boakye-Djan also cites the assault of another security operative, Ashanti regional Coordinator for National Security,George Agyei, by the Delta Force goon squad of the ruling party.

He laments that all the attacks were perpetrated against security operatives, pointing out that the deterioration of security has also led to even judges, some of whom have been openly assaulted, being constrained to flee their homes.

From Half Assini to Somanya, he observed, there have been attacks on police posts even as an atmosphere of insecurity has also seen the burning down of toll booths.

Osahene Boakye-Djan warned that the signs are rife that Democracy which the June 4thRevolution had fought to establish is under attack and that the impunity on display is very stylistic of the geneses of journeys that other countries had taken down the road of no return.

He cites among others, Mali, Libya and Afghanistan as examples to Ghana saying the open dare by members of the ruling party’s goons to security agencies to bring them to justice if they can is a dangerous slip.

He warned that insurgency creates warlords, who are characteristically backed by money, media and militia, saying developments in the President’s party, the ruling NPP, is slipping towards the slope of insurgency with all its ramifications.





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