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Former Attorney General-turned-crusader against the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Martin Amidu, has finally tried the patience of Job himself and earned a blowback.

Mr. Amidu’s expulsion from the NDC is in the offing, as the party finally gets fed up with what is seen as his insufferable public treachery.

Included in Amidu’s mean streak is an onslaught of caustic attacks that he had mounted on both President Mills and President Mahama, and his continuance to attack the NDC, even as the party is now in opposition.

For latest, Amidu has justified the invasion of the homes of former NDC regime actors without warrants by the Akufo-Addo government, and adlibbed claims by the ruling NPP that President Mahama had appointed Mrs. Charlotte Osei as Electoral Commissioner with the motive for Mrs. Osei to rig the election for the NDC.

The Republic can report that the NDC has had enough of Amidu and started going through the motions to officially renounce the man, who is on record to be the longest-serving Deputy Attorney General in the government of the same NDC that he stereotypes as evil today.

For a very long time, Mr. Amidu’s public tantrums against his own party had been ignored, but apparently the party has finally had enough of the turncoat.

Martin Alamisi Benz Karz Amidu, a onetime pretender to the Vice Presidency of Ghana, who has since 2012 fallen from those gracious heights to the ingloriousness of writing epistles and feeding it to opposition media, has been on a long rant.

Under nickname, “Citizen Vigilante,” the former Attorney General, who was sacked from the job in 2012 by former President Mills for insubordination, has since accused everybody in the NDC as corrupt, even though he tried to be Vice President on the party’s ticket.

The lowest heights of the man who used to command a lot of respect in the NDC has included calling former President Mahama and his government a looter government without a shred of evidence.

Similarly, the trained lawyer has also claimed that many appointees of the Mills administration had committed, “gargantuan crimes” against the state in a supposed conspiracy with businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome over the Ghc51million judgment debt payment.

However, several years down the line, Mr. Amidu has not been able to point out a single criminal from the NDC connected in the Woyome case, even as the courts have only adjudicated on the Woyome case as a civil one.

Recently, he swung for the fence when he claimed that former President Mahama had appointed Charlotte Osei to head the EC as part of plans to rig the election, which the EC boss called for Akufo-Addo.

Apparently, this wild claim has broken the camel’s back and the NDC has had enough. In the coming days, the party will expel him, The Republic can report.

Yesterday, the NDC’s National Organizer, Kofi Adams, confirmed what the public had suspected for a long time when he said that Mr. Amidu has all along been acting out a sour-grape attitude, following the NDC’s replacement of himself with John Mahama as President Mills’ Running Mate for the 2008 election.

“He must wear off the bitterness of not being maintained as the running mate over a number of elections because the NDC would never have tasted a victory if he had continued being a running mate,” Mr. Adams told Accra-based Star FM yesterday

He added that, “The NDC would have continued to suffer defeat until we saw it necessary to bring in His Excellency John Dramani Mahama to partner our late President Atta Mills and that gave us victory in 2008 which we returned in 2012.”

In 2004, Martin Amidu had been made Running Mate to then Candidate Evans Atta Mills but his addition had not brought any nourishment to the NDC’s Presidential ticket, leading to the NDC replacing him with John Mahama in 2008.

Mr. Mahama’s addition added a lot of shine to the ticket and eventually led to a win from opposition in 2008. President Mills had then moved on to appoint Amidu AG, but apparently Mr. Amidu had been unhappy with the snub over the running mate issue.

As Kofi Adams recently revealed, the man subsequently never managed to move on, eventually throwing a temper tantrum at the President that got him sacked in 2012. Since then, Amidu has been on a warpath that seems to be fuelled by blind-energy against his own party.

In the heat of his temper tantrum over his sack by President Mills in 2011, Mr. Amidu had also publicly denigrated pro-NDC media as “rented press,” even though in a secret apology letter to President Mills over the issue, Mr. Amidu had called the same NDC press, “our own press.”

However, the self-styled citizen vigilante’s hypocrisy is seen to have been contrasted out very well since President Akufo-Addo came into office in January, this year, as he has maintained a deafening silence on gross regime abuses even though he had called President Mahama’s government a looter government over Woyome and also denigrated the Mills administration.

Mr. Amidu’s hypocrisy is seen to have blasted off like a siren recently when he made a rare incursion into public discourse to criticize President Akufo-Addo’s bill for the establishment of the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO)

A criticism of a loophole in the bill which Amidu says would enable some current regime actors escape investigations in future, came in the form of a blame on so-called saboteurs to the President’s intent to fight corruption.

Even though everybody knows that the bill had emanated from President Akufo-Addo himself in a bid to fulfill a campaign promise, Martin Alamisi Amidu, chose to blame faceless people for the shortcomings of the bill.

According to him, those loopholes in the bill had been put into the bill by people who want to sabotage the President’s fight against corruption.

His perceived treatment of President Akufo-Addo with kids gloves, in contrast to a long onslaught of caustic criticism that he made against President Mahama has convinced the NDC that the party is unnecessarily harboring a turncoat.

NDC has therefore started the motions towards an official expulsion so that the man’s continued criticism of everything that the NDC does, even in opposition, will be seen for what it is – the whining of a detractor.



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