Circle traders take over June 3 memorabilia site

Street Vendors at Kwame Circle have occupied the piece of land reserved for the construction of a reminder as tribute to those who lost their lives through the tragic incident of June 3 by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) near the newly constructed interchange.

According to Hon. Moses Abor, the Assembly has earmarked that piece of land to be use as memorabilia cum recreational park for sightseers.

The Kokomlemle Assemblyman wondered why the traders have decided to overran an agreement between them and the Assembly. He did not minced words when he accused the traders of breach of trust saying they (Traders) were duly informed about the plans the Assembly has for that piece of land.

‘I met their leaders over that land and they assured me of their readiness to vacate the land anytime the City Authority needs the land. ‘I am extremely shock about the turn of event’, Moses lamented

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly has in a strategic dialogue meeting on “Setting Agenda for the new administration”, agreed to focus on fulfilling the President’s desire to make Accra the cleanest city.

He noted that efforts to make Accra a reference point as the neatest city might be unachievable without support and partnership from private organizations and individual input.

He said: “Government may come up with all sorts of policies, but if the people you gather do not take ownership of the policies, the system would not work. The people must appreciate what you are doing, believing that it is good for them. It should not only be the government’s programme, but also theirs.”

Before assuming duty, there was heavy traffic congestion, refuse heaps littered the roads, and walking at Circle was a thing of fear due to robbery attacks and activities of pick pockets.

“Today Circle has become a beauty to behold. The street lighting restored people’s confidence to walk around the place without fears of being robbed. The gardens created around and the Water Fountain attracted thousands of people to Circle during festive period. The usual heavy traffic was reduced and driving around is an excitement”. He boasted

The coming months will tell if Assembly can make Accra as dreamt by President Akufo-Addo to be a world class city.



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