CCG/GPCC unhappy current happenings

The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) and the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) have expressed displeasure in current happenings in the country.

In a joint communiqué issued in Accra, last week, they condemned the increase in the culture of violence and the attacks on state institutions in the country.

They condemned “the mob action that led to the brutal murder of the late Major Maxwell Adams Mahama; the invasion of the court by the vigilante group – Delta Force of the ruling party, the NPP and the attack on the electricity company and subsequently the police service in Somanya by some youth in the area.”

The communiqué charged churches and pastors to take keen interest in the moral formation of their church members and to inculcate the Christian values, such as respect for human life, peace and love, as key aspects of their discipleship programmes.

The CCG and GPCC called on the government to roll out a National Orientation Programme to underpin the core values Ghanaians could cherish as a nation to be owned by all institutions and the entire citizenry.

They appealed that the security agencies should be given all the necessary resources to facilitate their work, especially in the area of gathering intelligence in the communities they find themselves in in the country.

Rev. Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, the chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana and president of the Baptist Convention, requested Ghanaian pastors to pray for God to save the nation from the current security threat in the country.

He charged the pastors to also pray fervently against the ongoing corruption the nation is facing.

In the communiqué, Dr. Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong, General Secretary, Christian Council of Ghana, further implored passionately all citizens to quickly report any incidence of atrocities and brutalities to the security services and desist from shielding those who perpetrate such evil acts.

He was quick to add that the security agencies, especially the Ghana Police Service, should work on winning the total trust and the confidence of the citizenry which seems to have dwindled over the years.

The joint communiqué also observed that the Church in Ghana is growing in terms of numbers, media coverage and visibility, especially in urban and metropolitan areas.

It noted further that when these individual denominations are growing in the cities, most denominations in the rural areas are dying.

“Moreover, the frontline of the Churches – a national family – is becoming weaker because we have not paid adequate attention to the unity of the National Church,” it said.

Also, all churches should embrace the spirit of ecumenism and foster closer relationships with neighbouring churches. The outcome of the joint meeting indicated that denominations should respond and work towards Jesus’ prayer as stated in John 17:21, ‘That they all may be one.’

The communiqué further posited that denominations should not allow their differences to divide them since they are bigger than their differences, but see ourselves as one people with one God.

In a related development, the joint communiqué of the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) and the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) frowned on the illegal mining that has destroyed the country’s water bodies.

“.We have observed with satisfaction the efforts of the President Akufo-Addo led government to protect our water bodies, farm lands, forest reserves amongst others; and the commitment to end illegal mining in the country”, stated the communiqué.

CCG and GPCC noted the destroying of the lives of ordinary Ghanaians, livestock and food stuff is dangerous to mankind. It was observed that many of the youth have also abandoned the classroom leading to increase in illiteracy in the affected areas where illegal mining was on-going.

In the communiqué, CCG and GPCC commended the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Mr. Peter Amewu, the Media Coalition, Religious Bodies, Traditional Leaders, Security Agencies and all who have committed themselves to the fight against illegal mining in the nation.


Source: Delali A. Awuyeh

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