CAGE OF DEATHTourists come face-to-face with massive 16ft-long crocodiles in terrifying Australian cage diving attraction


Tourists are locked into the glass cage where they can see the huge reptile greedily snapping its jaws over meaty treats that are being dangled right in front of the cage.

The Cage of Death is Australia’s only crocodile dive and includes 15 minutes in the enclosure with one of the massive reptiles.

“It’s awesome,” said German tourist Nellie Winters.

“When I went in at first I didn’t expect it to be that awesome because the crocodile is huge and you’re right next to him.

“I was scared but I was fascinated as well.

“I kept thinking he was going to eat me. You are right next to him and you sometimes forget that there are cages around you.”

He added: “You’re that close that you think you could swim next to him and, yeah, he could also eat you, even though he won’t.

“I didn’t expect it to be that close and intense so I wasn’t that nervous but when we got into the water right next to him I started to feel very nervous.”

Crocosaurus Cove also boasts the world’s largest display of Australian reptiles and has other attractions including Swim with the Crocs, Fishing for Crocs and get your picture taken with a baby Saltwater Crocodile



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