Busted Nigerian Kidnapper Owns House In Ghana?


Following the busting on Sunday, June 11, members of a notorious kidnapping syndicate by Nigerian police, it is emerging that the ringleader of the gang splurged some of his ill-gotten money from the criminal vocation in Ghana.

Chukwudi Dumem Onuamadike, aka Evans, 36, is said to own at least two mansions in a popular highbrow suburb of Accra and had, until his arrest, been enplaning from Nigeria to Accra in frequentation of the Ghana capital to cool his heels on holidays.

Information on the exact locations of the mansions is sketchy but indications are that the mansions in question are situated in Accra’s most popular plush suburb, East Legon.

Observers are expecting the Nigerian police to contact the Ghana police soon to establish a collaboration that will lead to the location of Evans’ mansions in Ghana so that they can be impounded.

Along with a gang of six suspects, the head honcho of the Chukwudubem Onwamandike gang, whose modus operandi entails kidnapping wealthy Nigerians for ransom, was arrested at one of his Nigeria mansions located at the swanky Magodo Estates in Lagos.

Reports indicate that he was overcome after a gun battle with personnel from the Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT) of the Nigerian police force. Upon the arrest, a cache of weapons, including Ak47 and AK49 riffles, along with bullets, had been seized from him.

News of his arrest is said to have enraptured police at the Abuja Headquarters who had been saddled with the mean streak of Evans and his elusion from capture in seven years that he had terrorized Nigerians with his kidnapping vocation.

It is said that in the course of ongoing interrogation by the Lagos police, Evans has admitted to a tall list of kidnapping crimes that have been attributed to him, justifying the Lagos police’ place of a 30million naira bounty on his head in 2013.

A native of Nnewi, in Anambra State, the kidnapping kingpin is said to have also admitted to making billions of naira from the illegal vocation which entails kidnapping people, holding them hostage at a camp in Igano and then exacting heavy ransom from distraught loved ones of his victims. Some victims are said to have suffered hostage in the hands of Evans for up to seven months until his victims paid up the last kobo that he exacted from them.

As leader of the Chukwudubem Onuamandike kidnapping syndicate, he is said to have lived a highlife fit for presidents, globe-trotting on first class and amassing offshore properties, including suspected mansions in Ghana.

The Ghana houses are suspected to be located at East Legon, Accra.

A notorious leader, by example, Evans had been wanted by the Nigerian police for a very long time as some of his operations had led to open deadly crossfire with the police.

In 2013, he is said to have led his gang in a gun battle with the police in Lagos after a failed kidnapping operation. The shootout had led to the death of some gang members; however, he himself escaped while the police took hold of a large cache of weapons after he had turned tail.

He is said to have returned to Nigeria from Malaysia in October, last year, but had managed to remain elusive until his capture this month.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Fiifi Samuels


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