Bugri Naabu Vrs Otiko Djaba 

…Bribery, goats, cows and conflict of interest in a tale of two firebrands

New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s Northern Regional Chairman, Daniel Bugri Naabu’s escalation of his trademark rowdy violence to the Gender Minister, Otiko Afisa Djaba, was the bout that could not be!

Had security agents not intervened in time, the NPP might just have crowned the acid bombing of their late Upper East Regional Chairman, Adams Mahama, the wicked knifing of their own Abubakar Saddiq in Asawase and the pummeling out of office of President Akufo-Addo’s appointee as Ashanti Regional National Security Coordinator, George Adjei, with the ultimate Northern showdown!

A memorable bout between, arguably, the party’s elder-most thug, Bugri Naabu, and the NPP’s number one Amazon, Otiko ‘Nicki Minaj’ Afisa Djaba, would however not be because the Northern Regional police command had stepped in, in time.

In the aftermath of the short sparring which led to Bugri Naabu joining in to hurl water bottles at the Gender Minister at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale, however, Mr. Naabu accused the minister of mixing official duties with party functions.

According to him, Otiko Djaba, who doubles as the National Women’s Organizer for the NPP, has been trying to run a parallel party administration structure in the Northern Region, while she is still a Minister of State.

Mr. Naabu contends that it was in pursuit of this agenda that Otiko stormed the Northern Regional capital, Tamale, last Friday, to incite some female party faithful, to reject President Akufo-Addo’s appointee as Regional Coordinator for the School Feeding Programme.

A certain Felicia Tetteh was named as the appointee in contention.

According to Bugri Naabu, the Gender Minister had left her office in Accra and driven all the way to Tamale to hold a meeting with a faction of the party’s Women’s Wing who are opposed to the appointment of Mrs. Felicia Tetteh, without recourse to him as the party’s chairman in that region.

As this move by the minister was ultra vires, Mr. Naabu decided to stand up for party and country – he organized some women and led them to invade the meeting place at Modern City Hotel in Tamale where Otiko was said to be plotting with some other women to sabotage the President.

Reports indicate he turned up tables and chairs, swung his fists and joined in with the women accompanying him to pelt Otiko the minister, with empty plastic water bottles.

Later, Mr. Naabu would go on radio to justify the thuggery, slumming Otiko’s meeting with her faction of the party Women’s Wing as “illegal.” He then called on President Akufo-Addo to rein his Gender Minister in or something worst happens the next time they cross paths.

Later in the day Otiko Djaba also went on radio to reply Bugri Naabu for good measure.

According to her, Mr. Naabu is a bribe taker, who had taken, among others, cows and goats in exchange for promises of appointments to people.

“I want him to stop telling lies about me and to stop collecting people’s things and promising them jobs he cannot give…,”

She then characteristically promised him fire-for-fire, “I don’t know why Chairman Bugri wants to lie and use me as a cover-up for his problems. I want Chairman Bugri to understand. Whatever it is that is making him do the things he is doing; he should be very careful. I am the last person he wants to have trouble with,” Ms. Djaba, had told North Star Radio.

The bribery allegation by Otiko Djaba against Bugri Naabu comes in the wake of recent revelations that the Northern Regional chairman of the NPP had taken a GHc100,000 bribe to convince President Akufo-Addo to appoint one Hajia Ayishetu Seidu as District Chief Executive for Savelugu in the Northern Region.
Following the revelation, Mr. Naabu had insulted his accusers, dismissing them as cockroaches.

“The people who think that I, Daniel Bugri Naabu, will take money to recommend to the President of the Republic of Ghana to appoint a DCE, I pity them… They are cockroaches, human beings will not think like that,” he retorted in an interview on Class FM.

Apparently, however, it is this penchant for taking bribe that had been repeated by Mr. Naabu in the case of Felicia Tetteh, which Otiko Djaba reveals might have included the acceptance of cows and goats.

Interestingly, this same Bugri Naabu accepting cows and goats as bribes had accused President Mahama of bribing him with GHc300,000 in the buildup to the 2016 election, ostensibly to tell lies against then Presidential Candidate Akufo-Addo, claiming he had turned down the bribe.

Bugri Naabu was never able to prove the bribery by former President Mahama, with a related accusation that the former President had bribed some Konkombas with tractors and pick-ups, incurring a warning from the Konkombas to him to desist from lying against them.

Somehow, nowadays, Daniel Bugri Naabu, the elderly NPP goon’s name has become an accompaniment to bribery, with he himself claiming he had turned down GHc300,000 from a former President, while his own party’s National Women’s Organizer is accusing him of accepting even goats and cows.

Apparently, it was in the bid to stop Bugri Naabu from using his position to take bribe and put a square peg in a round hole once more in the Northern Region that the Gender Minister was constrained to leave her Ministerial duties and storm Tamale on Friday. However, her plan to incite from the shadows was scuttled by a gangster minded Bugri Naabu, who pelted her with plastic bottles for good measure.

The elderly goon is said to have been very much in character upon storming the Modern City Hotel in Tamale to stop Otiko Djaba. First he is said to have turned up chairs and tables at the meeting before eventually hurling rubber bottles at Otiko Djaba, who herself wears a ruffian haircut to underscore her own open rascality.

According to reports, it took the timely intervention of the Tamale police to make sure that dogs did not eat dogs on the day.

Mr. Naabu would later go on radio to accuse Otiko of undermining his authority as the Northern Regional chairman of the party by not seeking clearance from him first before holding the meeting.

This, according to him, underscored the fact that the Gender Minister was trying to set up parallel party administration machine in the region, in spite of him, (Bugri Naabu)

The resultant revelation that the Gender Minister is using official national resources to pursue party interests also comes to dovetail claims by sources that Otiko Djaba and her party is recruiting only NPP members and sympathizers into the School Feeding Programme.

The revelation comes not too long after Assin Central MP, Ken Agyapong, had declared on radio that the ruling NPP would sack people who had been employed into National Security by the erstwhile National Democratic Congress regime and replace them with NPP foot soldiers and goons, including members of the notorious Delta Force and Invisible Forces.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/ Fiifi Samuels

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