*BNI/NSS Report: 15 companies expressed interest in the contaminated fuel, along with Movenpiina.

*Obeng Boateng: Only one company, Movenpiina Energy, approached BOST to buy the contaminated fuel.

The report by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) and the National Security Secretariat (NSS), which supposedly exonerates the embattled managing director of Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST) Company Limited in the dirty oil scandal, has been contradicted by the very man it defends.

Alfred Obeng Boateng, has, with the misfortune of hindsight, become an unwitting stool-pigeon against the BNI/NSS report, which absolves him of wrongdoing in the scandalous sale of 5million litres of contaminated fuel to Movenpiina.

Prior to the BNI and  NSS taking the initiative to investigate the BOST scandal, Mr. Obeng Boateng had said on Accra-based Atinka Fm that only one company, Movenpiina Energy, had approached BOST to buy the 5million litres of contaminated fuel.

“At the time, one company (Movenpiina) approached us and we agreed on the price and assurance and gave it the green light to go ahead and sell…” Mr. Obeng Boateng had said.

The revelation is 360 degrees opposite to claims by the BNI/NSS report that as many as 15 companies had expressed interest in the contaminated fuel, along with Movenpiina, and that Movenpiina had been chosen because it offered the best price.

According to Energy Minister, Boakye Agyarko, Movenpiina’s GHc1.30 offering was the best that had ever been offered by any company in regards to contaminated fuel and that it is because of that that the BOST MD had offered the contract to Movenpiina.

However, in an Atinka Fm interview, which Mr. Obeng Boateng had given before the BNI investigation would commence, he reveals that only one company (Movenpiina) had approached BOST and expressed interest in buying the contaminated fuel.

The other companies, including Zupp Oil and MacWest, had only approached BOST belatedly after they had gotten wind of Movenpiina’s sweetheart deal with BOST.

“So many other companies got wind about us disposing of this product. So people were coming here and there. And so we told the company (Movenpiina) that, well we have given the product to you but there are some other people who want some locally, so we told the company that because of the pressure coming on me, pressure coming on us, you sell some to them because it is the same type of product that they use for their factory works. Otherwise you have to buy the normal specification which is always expensive.

“Consequent to that they (Movenpiina) told us to dispose of 2 million on their behalf to MacWest and Zupp Oil. And so Zupp Oil is the company which has lifted its consignment from our depot and sent it to our factory amidst disquiet by people.”

Mr.  Obeng Boateng had spoken in fluent Twi, interspersed with English, in that radio interview.

The revelation from the horse’s own mouth constitutes a further denting to the BNI/NSS report, which the larger public has already rejected as shoddy.

Among others, Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI Ghana, a respected civil society organization and OccupyGhana, a pressure group, have demanded a fresh investigation into the scandal, dismissing, in effect, the report by the BNI and NSS.

The chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah, has since also revealed that people from both the ruling NPP and the opposition NDC have secretly contacted him and urged him to defend the deal.

Shockingly, excerpts of the BNI/NSS report, which absolved the BOST MD of wrongdoing, left a lot of issues hanging, including the fact that the fuel had been sold at open credit and that Nana Poku Agyemang, a man said to be  a longstanding business partner of the BOST MD, is the man behind Movenpiina.

The report also praised the BOST MD, who was supposed to be under investigation, profusely, describing him as “competent,” simply because he had interdicted the people who were suspected to have caused the contamination and instituted an investigation into the issue.

It is as the public has been heaping scorn on the report that a throwback to what Alfred Obeng Boateng himself said on Atinka Fm about the selection of Movenpiina to buy the contaminated fuel has come into the conversation.

Contrary to the BNI/NSS report that 15 companies had expressed interest in buying the contaminated fuel, Alfred Obeng Boateng had made it clear, before BNI and NSS would investigate the matter, that only Movenpiina had approached BOST to express interest.

After Movenpiina’s successful bid, which entailed carting away 5million litres of the contaminated fuel at open credit, wind of the sweetheart deal got to other companies who covetously approached BOST for a piece of the action.

The BOST MD reveals that because of the pressure from these other companies, he was constrained to tell Movenpiina to share the good fortune with others and that it is consequent to that that Zupp Oil and MacWest had gotten their hands in the pie.

As that revelation by the BOST MD discredits the BNI/NSS report, it is also serving a window into revelations that indeed members of the ruling NPP have turned BOST into a goldmine.

Readers would recall that the NPP’s Assin Central MP, Ken Agyapong, last week revealed in a passionate defense of Alfred Obeng Boateng on radio that as many as 800 companies belonging to NPP big men have been pestering Alfred Obeng Boateng for contracts from BOST ever since NPP came to power.

“How do you expect him (BOST MD) to satisfy all of them, over 800 companies?” Ken Agyapong had asked rhetorically.

Mr. Obeng Boateng’s revelation that because of, “the pressure coming on me,” Movenpiina was told to share part of its consignment of the contaminated fuel indicates that indeed he was really being pestered. In a winner-takes-all style of democracy that Ghana is practising, only NPP can pester NPP in power.

The suggestion is also strengthened by the fact that according to the embattled BOST MD, after Movenpiina had been contracted to lift all the 5million litres, the company was later impressed upon to give out some 2million litres.

BOST being a specialized public company in the downstream petroleum sector makes it totally unbecoming for its MD to gift out contracts like he is casting lots.




Source: Fiifi Samuels

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