Bonking Osofo Demands Abortion

…After impregnating chorister

A major scandal is in the offing at the El-Shadai branch of the Victory Bible Church International, where an associate pastor is demanding that a chorister abort a pregnancy after putting her in the family way.

Rev. David Mensah, whose pastoral duties at the Achimota branch of the popular charismatic church includes counseling, is said to be using every dirty trick in the book, including curses and threats, to get his victim to brave abortion pills.

However, the devout Christian sister in Christ, who is already overwhelmed by her conscience, has refused to go along with the plan to add murder to fornication, leaving Rev. Mensah in a desperate losing battle to prevent an ensuing shame storm.

A GHc120 that the Rev. Minister provided for the purpose of aborting the baby has since been spent on something else by the victim (name withheld), who is currently six months along.

However, her victory in the battle of wills with her impregnator has meant that her decision to keep the pregnancy is her own headache.

In the six months that the victim has been pregnant, Rev. David Mensah has not paid a dime towards her upkeep.

Several attempts to get the Victory Chapel International Church pastor to live up to responsibility have been met with rebuffs, with the man of God, eventually cursing her that she will have a fatalistic delivery.

The Republic has since confirmed from the man of God himself that indeed he is responsible for the pregnancy.

In an interview, however, he added in all seriousness that the lady had seduced him into the sex that caused the pregnancy.

Rev. David Mensah revealed to The Republic that the lady had actually broken his virginity.

The whole issue, as The Republic has gathered, started in November, last year, when Rev. David Mensah was in the process of being ordained as a minister.

The victim is originally a member and chorister of Freedom Chapel, an Accra-based church headed by popular leader, Rev. Amoako Attah.

Responding to an invitation from a friend, the victim had gone on a visitation fellowship to the El-Shadai temple of the Victory Bible Church international, which is based in Achimota, Accra and has respected preacher, Bishop N. A Tackie Yarboi, as overseer.

Fatefully, the victim had met Rev. David Mensah on the visitation and had struck acquaintance with him, whereupon the man of God advised her to be serious in her Christian life and enjoined her to frequent church services as part of the spiritual growth.

However, soon after taking the advice to heart and acting on it, the Rev. Minister and the sister-in-Christ became close, with their relationship gradually graduating from platonic to amorous.

It so happened that an ensuing fornication between the pastor and his flock soon resulted in pregnancy, and, fatefully, the conception happened just around the time that Rev. Mensah was being ordained a minister.

With the dire prospect of public opprobrium in the air, the man of God jettisoned the Bible and all it represents, for abortion, which is largely regarded among Christians as a wild card of the Devil himself.

Rev. Mensah provided GHc120 for the purpose of getting pills for the feticide. However, the pregnant girl only took the money and spent it, later telling Rev. Mensah that her conscience and Christian beliefs would not allow her to murder an innocent baby.

Angry at the news, Rev.  Mensah had gone into mood swings, initially, flying into a temper tantrum, then cajoling and eventually resorting to the use of abortion as precondition to remain lovers with the victim.

When all that failed, the man of God washed his hands off the pregnancy.

Unhappy at the behavior of her lover, the victim turned to her auntie (name withheld) and some family members to sit the priest down and hit some sense home to him.

In a resultant meeting, Rev.  Mensah is said to have admitted responsibility for the pregnancy and promised to cater for her needs, including antenatal obligations.

However, soon after the meeting, the man of God demanded a paternity test to ascertain that he is indeed the father of the unborn baby.

It was pointed out to him that his demand was not commonsensical because the paternity of a person can only be determined after he or she is born.

Soon after, the priest and some family members of his started threatening the girl, saying they knew she was on a mission from Satan himself to destroy Rev. Mensah, but that she will not succeed.

Amidst the warnings, the man of God is said to have on one occasion cursed the victim with the ominous promise that if she does not refrain from her Hell-sponsored mission, she will have a fatalistic delivery when her time is due.

Upon the threat, the victim became scared and decided to stay outside the radar of the man of God and his family members, but an uncle of hers took up the matter with Rev. Mensah.

However, it is said that the man of God cussed the girl’s uncle to his face and walked out on him in a meeting.

Thenceforth, he has refused to pick calls from the victim and her family.

When The Republic got through to him, he admitted in an interview that he is indeed responsible for the pregnancy, but stated pointedly that he is not a womanizer.

According to him, the lady in question broke his virginity and that in proof of his sexual chastity he has many platonic girlfriends.

The priest told this paper that he is at the moment unemployed and still in school and therefore cannot cater for the antenatal needs of the victim.

In the six months’ course of the pregnancy, Rev. Mensah has only advanced GHc120 to the victim. That money was for the purpose of aborting the baby.

He also told The Republic that the issue has not been reported to any elder of the church, which is headquartered at Awoshie Baah Yard, and led by respected overseer, Bishop N. A. Tackie Yarboi.


Source: Fiifi Samuels

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