Blame Ashanti Police Command for Security Lapse at Kumasi Court – Lawyer for Delta Force

The Ghana Police Administration has come under a barrage of criticism following last Thursday’s incident at the Kumasi circuit court where a section of NPP vigilante group besieged the court in an attempt to free their 13 colleagues who were standing trial.

Although there was no record of casualties at the scene of event, there was clear security breach which led to some few unarmed police details at the scene running for their lives, leaving other lives and properties unprotected.

Adding his voice to the public outcry and the call for the police to step up their game, the legal counsel for the vigilante group, Delta Force, Lawyer Matthew Appiah, said the Ashanti Police Command should be blamed for what happened last Thursday at the circuit court in Kumasi by not putting in place the adequate security measures to contain the unfortunate situation.

He told this paper that with the sensitive nature of the case in question, the police administration should have deployed enough armed police details around the court’s perimeter to deter any unscrupulous persons from even approaching the court area.

“People should not attribute this thing into something like it’s a breakdown of law and order, No, it’s simply prompting the Ghana Police Service to sit up and work. They should protect the courts,” he said.

Lawyer Appiah further expressed concern over the current security detail at the various courts in the country, saying sometimes there is only one police officer left alone guarding a whole court without the presence of security surveillance cameras.

“I can assure you that there are no CCTV cameras in any court house in Ghana, apart from the modern court complex built recently and located in Accra. So this is a wakeup call to the police service and also the judiciary in general,” he stated.

Members of an NPP vigilante group known as Delta Force stormed a Kumasi Circuit Court last Thursday and vandalized some court properties, as well as freeing 13 of their members, who were facing trial for allegedly harassing the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, George Adjei.

According to reports, about eight of those who caused the confusion were apprehended, while the rest of the 13 fugitives later turned themselves in to the police.

But the defense counsel for the group denied media reports which suggested acts of vandalism on the part of the group and reiterated that had the police stepped up its security measures at the court that day, some aggrieved members of the public would not take the law into their own hands to misbehave during court proceedings.


Source: Appiah Acquaye

The Republic News Online

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