…As He Goes Taking The Speck Out Of Sierra Leone’s Eye, Though Leaving The Log In That Of Tamale

The reputation of the vice president, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, as a man with poisoned credibility has been stirred up, as his presentation of $1million worth of relief items to disaster-stricken Sierra Leone makes him anti-hero in the eyes of the flood victims of Tamale, the Northern Regional capital.

The man, who was in Sierra Leone commiserating with that country’s landslide victims a few days ago, was earlier in Tamale in the Northern Region to similarly commiserate with flood victims there.

But while he had smiled to the cameras and presented the $1million worth of items to our kissing-cousins, selfsame Dr. Bawumia’s earlier visitation to Tamale had been empty-handed, even though his fellow Ghanaians could have done with similar support given to the Sierra Leoneans.

The development has stirred up, once more, the chameleonic reputation of the man who promised in opposition that his party would never borrow in government, but has turned round in government to justify gluttonous borrowing.

Vice President Bawumia is seen to have given different strokes to different folks in his respective responses to the Tamale flood victims and the Sierra Leonean mudslide victims.

In the closing days of July, this year, Tamale, which is the capital of the vice president’s home region, had been submerged in floods that killed four people, including a teacher that Dr. Bawumia famously claimed was a childhood classmate.

It took the government several days to respond, with the vice president, leading a high-powered government delegation to the city, after the floods had subsided.

That visitation by the vice president had even been fraught with protocol irregularities because he and his entourage had not been hosted by an absentee Tamale mayor, Musah Superior, who was out of the country and cooling his heels in far away USA.

After Dr. Bawumia had used camera time to announce that Hajia Fati Bapuni, one of the four victims who had lost their lives to the floods, had been a childhood schoolmate, he left Tamale with a promise that his government had already taken off on a relief mission.

One week after that, the vice president’s promise remained a false assurance until the victims were compelled to cry out.

Even so, when the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) eventually delivered relief items, the victims were surprised to discover that only eight trucks, loaded with rice and other bric-a-bracs, were what the NPP government was offering.

Consequently, flood victims who had lost houses and farms, among others, received a bag of rice, some mosquito net and plastic cups and buckets each for their troubles.

The underwhelming delivery on Dr. Bawumia’s promise caused expression of disappointment to which NADMO responded that it could only do so much because of the constraints of a shoestring budget allocation of Ghc38,500.

However, two days after the landslides in Sierra Leone, this same NPP government sent Vice President Bawumia to present $1million of relief items in show of solidarity.

The cedi equivalent of $1million is some Ghc4.3million.

Tongues are wagging as a result of the Akufo-Addo government’s application of different strokes for different folks, with people asking why this government would show good compassion to our kissing cousins, as is required of our government, but act miserly towards its own citizens in a similar call to responsibility.

The whole paradox has left Vice President Bawumia, who has become a metaphor for political insincerity, looking even more untrustworthy.

Dr. Bawumia, nicknamed ‘Dr. Bawuliar,’ has since returned to Ghana from Sierra Leone after showing the ‘outside gentility.’ He has returned to the ‘home cry.’



Source: Fiifi Samuels

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