Bawumia Snubs Hungry NPP Foot Soldiers  

The Greater Accra regional Constituency Organizers of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) are in sack cloth and ashes, following a shocking snub that they suffered at the hands of Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia yesterday.

The organizers, who had set up a meeting with the Vice President with intent to cry out their hearts to him over hardships that they are going through, especially joblessness, were refused audience by the Veep.

Rather, Dr. Bawumia, who is Vice President because of the toil and sweat of the constituency organizers, sent a Man-Friday with a fanciful job title to meet with the constituency executives.

The Republic has heard that the aide that Dr. Bawumia had sent to meet the constituency executives was one Edward Appiah, a director of Liaison and Protocol at the Office of the Vice President.

Mr. Appiah had met with the constituency organizers at the Cantonments home of the Vice President, but is said to have ended up rather annoying them the more.

Without giving any good reason why the Vice President refused to meet with the constituency organizers, the man is said to have mostly left matters hanging in the air between himself and the organizers.

Nevertheless, the constituency organizers had told him to relay to his boss that things are very bad for them downhill.

Among others, they said they cannot pay their children’s school fees or feed their families because they are jobless.

For some reason, they are said to have pointed out, even A Plus, a loudmouthed third rate musician, who only recently became an activist of the NPP, is getting contracts to lift oil at the Bulk Oil Storage and Transport Company (BOST) and yet the generality of the Greater Accra Constituency Organizers of the ruling party do not have such contracts.

Mr. Edward Appiah, Dr. Bawumia’s Director of Liaison, is said to have listened to them carefully and only promised to relay their concerns to the big man, who carried 116 people on a trip to China, while his wife traveled all the way to India to take selfies with Kumkum Baghya characters.

The disappointing meeting was crowned with the constituency organizers leaving the venue without even a pesewa for transportation.

Some of the unemployed lot, who had gone to the meeting hoping that at least something small would be advanced to them for their troubles, are said to have left the meeting, cursing the Vice President for his insensitivity.

Meanwhile, there is no commitment whatsoever from the Veep to get them jobs.





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