Bawumia Disgraces JM’s Hometown Chief


…As the corpse of Bolewura is refused helicopter lift

Following the death at the Korlebu Teaching Hospital of the Paramount Chief of the Bole Traditional area, Awuladese Pontonpron ll, last Wednesday, it has emerged that Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia, had purposely dilly-dallied to frustrate attempts by the family to give a descent burial to the late Chief.

The late Bolewura, who had been a practising Moslem, needed to have been buried the same day that he died in accordance with Islamic tradition, but a request to government for a helicopter for a speedy transport of his corpse back home from Accra is said to have faced dodgy refusal from the Vice President.

Dr. Bawumia, a fellow Moslem, is said to have toyed with emotions of the late chief’s family members with flimsy excuses about the release of the helicopter, leading to former President Mahama stepping up and organizing an automobile hearse, amidst a vow to never beg government for help to dignify his hometown chief.

Following the passing of the Bolewura at KTH on Wednesday, the government was said to have promised to release a helicopter for the conveyance of his mortal remains to Bole for Islamic rites and subsequent burial in the Royal Mausoleum of Bole Chiefs called “Banzen.”

However, the following day, Thursday, it emerged that the body would rather be transported by road on that long journey from Accra in the south to Bole in the Northern region.

Amidst the new development, it soon hit social media that Vice President Bawumia had informed the family of the late chief that only one helicopter was available and that he had plans to travel on it to his hometown in Walewale.

The Veep is said to have however assured that the aircraft had enough room to carry himself, the body and a few family members who were to accompany the body of the late Bolewura.

However, as the family waited on Dr. Bawumia, they were said to have been told to make available Ghc6000 for the purpose of fumigating the helicopter before it would carry the body.

This is said to have worried the family which is said to have decided to make an arrangement for alternative transportation because from the trend of Dr. Bawumia’s monkey business, he could soon tell the family that the helicopter would not be flown at all because of bad weather.

At a family meeting in the residence of Col. (Rtd) Idissah Amadu’s, who is also head of the family in Accra, former President Mahama is said to have made it categorically clear that he was not going to grovel for a helicopter from the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government.

The former President is said to have also given out money towards arrangement for the transportation of the body of the late Bolewura – a hearse for the body, a land cruiser for the elders, and a bus for those wishing to accompany the body to Bole.

President Mahama is also said to have given money to the family for preparations towards burial of the late Chief.

Meanwhile, the behavior of Vice President Bawumia, evoked grim emotions that spilled into social media last week. Mahama Haruna, a family member of the late Bolewura is quoted as expressing surprise over the NPP’s treatment of the late Bolewura, who was said to be a dyed in the wool NPP man and open supporter of the ruling party even as chief.

“I thought the NPP has always touted their love for members who have suffered for the party for long. Is this not the same Bolewura (Hon James Mahama) who was the MP for the Bole area under the Progress Party (PP), a party that metamorphosed into the NPP?

“Is this not the same Bolewura who consistently told his subjects he is NPP and will die NPP. Is this not the same Bolewura who used to wear NPP ‘T’ shirts much to the chagrin of some of his subjects. Is this not the same Bolewura who consistently told his brother former President Mahama he sympathise with him as a family member but remains NPP for life?

“Anyway the late Bolewura’s body is on its way to Bole this morning by road and insha Allah he will be buried today even if it is night.

”Times have indeed changed.”




Source: / Fiifi Samuels

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