Ban afternoon shifts in basic schools to promote discipline, says Hon. Ali

Mr. Zakaria Mohammed Ali, the 2016 NDC Parliamentary aspirant of the Negleshie-Amanfro-Bortianor Consistency, has made a strong case that, as a matter of urgency, the basic schools that are still operating the shift system should stop it in order for all school children to attend school only in the mornings to late afternoons only, and ban second sessions which take place from 2pm to 5pm in order to instill discipline in all children at a go rather than operating the shift systems.

He stressed that the chiefs and opinion leaders at Amanfrom, including himself, are ready to support the building of more classrooms with land that the chiefs are ever ready to provide towards such a laudable project to absorb one large stream in the morning, instead of the current two shift- system, which does not promote discipline there as children go to school anytime they like.

Mr. Ali stated these at a Graduation Ceremony held by the Ngleshie- Amanfrom Community 2 Primary School at Amanfrom in Ga South municipality at the weekend.

The tTheme of the occasion is “All hands on deck for the Educational Development of the Child.”

Mr. Ali noted that he was delighted to witness the first graduation of a public basic school which is an action which is a preserve of private schools, and also was enthused because of the manner in which the program was orderly organized.

He observed that the nation is fast losing its culture and rather adhering to the European or foreign culture which school authorities should help the nation to stop and rather stick to the rich Ghanaian culture.

He noted for example that it is wrong to stop corporal punishment in our schools “because if you spare the cane or the rod, you spoil the child.”

Mr. Ali averred that allowing children to use mobile phones, especially during school hours, is very wrong and the anomaly must be checked before it is too late.

He said just as in boarding houses phone calls are being regulated by the authorities, the same thing should be done at the basic schools level to avoid mobile phones from destroying our children.

He said too much of the so-called human rights has actually led to indiscipline and gross disrespect to the elders to the extent that now children even feel reluctant to stand up for elderly people to sit down in buses and also children refuse to carry luggage for the aged, whenever they meet them with loads in town.

Mr. Ali urged parents to be moderate in their expenditure and give priority to the education of their wards, instead of spending exorbitantly on funerals, parties and marriage programs, among others.

He said the maiden Graduation, Speech and Prize Giving Day at the school, which he witnessed, will definitely go a long way to motivate the pupils who could not get awards this year to learn harder to also win awards next time, and also noted that other public schools will surely learn from the good initiative and probably practice it, as well.

He said it is his expectation that all the public schools in Amanfrom will also emulate the shining example of the school to boost education in the Amanfrom circuit at large.

Pix  2016 ndc parliamentary aspirant, for ngleshie –amamfrom- bortianor, mr. zakaria mohammed ali giving an award to one of the award winners.

Pix  2016 ndc parliamentary aspirant, for ngleshie –amamfrom- bortianor, mr. zakaria mohammed ali giving an award to one of the award winners.



Source:  Kwabena Odae

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