Baba Jamal Challenges YEA Boss

…To publish ghost names on payroll

Alhaji Baba Jamal, a former Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, has challenged the executives at the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) to publish the names of persons the authority claims used fraudulent means to receive money from the scheme.

He also wants the agency to identify those employees they claim are fake in the system and steps that would be taken against such ones if found culpable.

The former Member of Parliament for Akwatia, who was reacting to  earlier claims made by the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), at a press conference in Accra, that a preliminary investigation conducted had uncovered a huge payroll fraud which  has cost the country about GH¢50million,  accused the Chief Executive Officer of the Youth Employment Agency Justine Kodua Frimpong of doing political propaganda with the issue at a time when investigations into most of the allegations made by the agency are still ongoing.

“If my brother Kodua wants to be professional, he should wait for all the necessary investigations to be done and finally to be concluded before coming out with a concrete statement based on hard facts. Why is the rush to go the press if the agency has not finished with it investigations?” He quizzed.

According to Baba Jamal, as a deputy minister in charge of Employment and Labour Relations who was directly in control of the smooth-running of the Youth Employment Agency and also in charge of leading the various legal instruments currently governing the agency to be approved by parliament, there is no way an employee of the agency could be registered backdoor without going through the agency software genuinely.

“I was directly in charge of YEA and I led the law that was passed in parliament, the legislative instrument. I led it, I chaired the committee that was charged to finalize the law. When they started their software I was part and parcel of it. So I am telling you with all confidence that nobody can go into the YEA system illegally. That’s why I am challenging him to publish the 16,000 names that they claim were on the system illegally. Yes they should publish it district by district for us all to see those who have been taken out,” he reiterated.

He then cautioned the newly-appointed CEO of the Youth Employment Agency to be careful not to repeat the Vice President Muhamadu Bawumia’s mistake by churning out false information trying to make the NPP look good and later forcing the finance minister to apologize on his behalf for misinforming Ghanaians with regard to deleting ghost names from the government payroll.

“He should learn from his Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia who came out early to announce to Ghanaians that about 25,000 names had been expunged from government payroll only for the government to come to render apology. He should have allowed time for all the necessary investigations to done and right after that he can then come out to put accurate figures out,” he intimated.

The acting Chief Executive of the YEA had revealed to journalists some 2,716 beneficiaries of the agency who did not have appointment letters, while 9,442 beneficiaries were above the age required. Another group of 4,681 beneficiaries also vacated their post, while 14,443 beneficiaries were simply non-existent and, so far, the agency has deleted some 16,839 names from the payroll.

He noted that the agency is still deliberating on the fate of the thousands of beneficiaries who were receiving monies without having Assumption of Duty letters.

“A total of 16,839 beneficiaries have been deleted from the payroll, and this has saved the taxpayer as much as twenty million, two hundred and six thousand, eight hundred cedis. However, in respect of the last two, beneficiaries without assumption of duty letters and non-existing beneficiaries, management has given itself a month, to address issues regarding their status,” he said.





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