Assin Central MP names Glo in customs fraud

The Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Ken Agyapong, has made revelations about alleged widespread corruption that is happening at the country’s ports, naming Nigerian telco, Globacom, as a perpetrator.

In a trademark plain-talk on Adm TV’s political talk show, Bedwam, Ken Agyapong reveals that Glo sometime ago acted together with corrupt clearing agents to clear some goods at a cost of a little over Ghc1million when the actual cost involved was over Ghc3million.

According to him, the corrupt clearing agency involved is called Kalokeen and that in a bid to get the criminal rebate, Glo had passed over a number of clearing agents.

“Randa went to clear some things belonging to Glo, it cost Ghc3,471.86. Glo said it was expensive and so they gave it to Global Cargo who also reduced it a bit, when Global Cargo reduced it they said it was still expensive. They then gave it to kalokeen which cleared it at 1.1million. how much has government lost? And when you bring it and security forces stop you, you complain its invisible forces,” Ken Agyapong said.

He confirmed that operations at Ghana’s ports are cabalistic with cabals usually made up of clearing agents and Customs officers acting together to rob the state. According to the controversial MP, he has since decided to go on a crusade against the cabal, including some 10 corrupt clearing agents.

“Masa, the revelations that we have tells you that about 50% of revenue that government should get goes to the Customs officers and the clearing agents.

“You will soon see shake up, the Customs officers should look at my face. I have gathered so much documents. It is they the customs officers who sabotage the government, they convince with the clearing agents. In the night one person can clear 21 containers. They say during NDC time it was like a trade in tomatoes. You bringing tomatoes when you see the guy then he declares tomatoes two containers, the rest is labeled baby food.”

Mr. Agyapong, who reiterated his position that the real crooks in official circles are Civil Servants, said in his crusade against the ten clearing agents he was prepared to go to the long haul to bring them down and that he did not care to die doing so.

He said, documents that he has gathered on the criminal operations are very telling to the effect that it was not President Mahama who was responsible for the corruption at the ports but the cabal and that he was disappointed that since gathering the documents, some NPP people have secretly approached him and asked him to forgive.

“I have a document that shows that these same people went to former Chief of Staff, Prosper Bani, to tell him to sack people at GRA. One is called Alex Takyi Yeboah and the other Alex Ankrah.

“One (of the corrupt clearing agents) has over 200 trucks on which is embossed His Majesty. Another you go to Tema Community 25 he has sprawling properties.”

According to him, because of the ill-gotten wealth of the criminal clearing agents, they are so powerful that Customs officers fear to touch them. These same clearing agents exert their influence through patronizing the same Customs officers with gifts including money lands and other expensive properties.

Through the cabal system, he said, Customs officers who get sacked over misbehavior tend to start careers as clearing agents after losing their jobs, adding to the power of the cabals who act to deprive the state of money.


Source: Adotey

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