Ashaiman MP Denies ‘Drunkards, Lazy People’ Story

As the National Democratic Congress(NDC ) internal primaries approach, some desperate elements within the party have launched  dirty  tactics with smearing campaign to unseat some of the sitting Members of Parliament.

Member of Parliament for Ashaiman constituency, Hon. Ernest Henry Norgbey, appeared to be one of the targets of such faceless elements within the NDC party who have made it a  trade to engage in character assassination campaign ahead of the primaries  to push  their way into position to serve the people.

An in-house reorganization meeting the MP held with branch executives of the NDC in his constituency over the weekend has been negatively reported in the media, quoting him of having rained insults on his constituents whom he is working hard to better their lot.

The MP, who had been in the frontline of national policies advocating against youth indulging in alcohol consumption, was heavily misquoted by ‘The National Tribute’ newspaper that he had denigrated his constituents by describing them as “drunkards”  and “lazy” people.

But in an interview with The Republic, Mr. Norgbey denied the publication and said he would never make such disparaging remarks against the very people he represents in parliament, stressing that, as a parliamentarian, he should be the last person to be quoted in making such comments.

He explained that, while at a meeting he duly organized as part of the NDC reorganization process, he admonished the youth to refrain from negative activities that could derail their future, citing abuse of alcohol as example, saying that indulging in hard time drinking could affect their lives.

The MP, who sounded very unhappy over the publication, threatened to sue the paper if it failed or refused to retract and apologise to him for publishing a defamatory story against him.

He said the allegation is not only untrue but also skewed to make him look bad in the eyes of his own constituents, whom he has sworn an oath to protect at all time and serve as their representative in parliament.

Mr. Norgbey said the advice to the youth against excessive intake of alcohol was just a follow-up of a statement he had made on the floor of parliament at the 2nd meeting of the 1st sitting of the 7th parliament of the 4th republic.

The NDC MP said, “For the last nine months I have been in parliament, I have dedicated my life to public office to serve my people and I will continue to do so, no matter how it cost me.”

“The allegation of me referring to my constituents as drunkards is a calculated attempt by my political detractors to make me lose focus on serving the people. It is also an attempt to sow seeds of dis-unity between me and my people and on whole distract the effort of the NDC, but I’m aware of all these dirty tactics and will never buy into them,” he stated.

He told the paper that, though as a public figure he was not surprised at the allegation, he found it very insulting to the intelligence of the constituents, especially the youth, whom he was chatting with as party members, stating that the brains behind the publication whether within or outside his party would soon be exposed by their own tracks.

He however charged members of the party, especially branch and constituency executives, to remain focus, and mobilise the party supporters, ahead of the 2020 elections so as to return to power.

According to him, reorganization and mobilization strategies was the surest way for the party support base to recapture power from what he described as the non performing New Patriotic Party, NPP government.




Source: Engsalige Nyaaba

The Republic News Online

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