Army silent on names of soldiers in Karaga DCE’s martial law

Following the lawless invasion of a police station by youth of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) to free suspects from the grips of the law, revelations that the chaos had been set off by soldiers who had taken up arresting duties of the police have since been met with silence from the military high command.
The silence has meant that the identities of the two servicemen who had acted like Ghana was under martial law, giving reasons for barbarians of the ruling party to attack a police station and free suspects remains unknown.

It also suggests that the Ghana Armed Forces will likely not investigate out the suspects and penalize them for what is seen as misconduct.

According to reports, the Karaga lawlessness, which had seen members of the ruling party in that area, replicate the shocking overthrow of court proceedings in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, to forcibly free suspects standing trial, had been provoked by a show of force by some soldiers.

The unnamed soldiers, said to be acting on the orders of the district chief executive of Karaga, Alhassan Yabdow, stormed the town in the middle of the night to arrest some supporters of the ruling party’s constituency chairman there, Tahiru Zakaria.

It was following the arrest of the suspects and consignment to police custody by the soldiers that other supporters of the chairman had stormed the police station at dawn, forcibly freeing the two suspects.

Yesterday, The Republic emailed the military high command asking it to speak on how soldiers acted at the beck and call of the Karaga DCE to arrest suspects when Ghana was not under martial law.

As at the time of going to press yesterday, no reply had come from the military.

The snub of the police for the military personnel by the DCE was like Mr. Tabdow acting out his own institution of martial law in the northern regional town.

The revelation that the Karaga DCE has soldiers at his beck and call to do his bidding is coming a few months after it was alleged that some soldiers have been put on duty by the military high command to guard illegal miners, popularly known as ‘galamseyers,’ in some parts of the country.

The violence that the arrest by the soldiers evoked led to the torching of what is believed to have been a military vehicle and a motorbike belonging to a youth employment coordinator there.

Mohammed Baba, who doubles as the ruling NPP’s youth organizer for Karaga, had earlier last Monday been attacked by supporters of the NPP chairman for the constituency over instatement of some people into the security service module of the Youth Employment Agency there.

Chairman Tahiru Zakaria’s supporters are said to have accused Mr. Baba of instating people into the scheme without recourse to the party chairman, who demanded to be consulted over such appointments even though he is not a government appointee.

Mohammed Baba was said to have been most hated over the appointments because he had instated some people believed to be members and sympathizers of the opposition NDC, as if NDC people are not Ghanaians.

Along with the NPP youth organizer, the party’s constituency organizer and the DCE have long been accused of hijacking the NPP in Karaga and sidelining the chairman, reports say.
Violent reactions from the chairman and his minions have, in the past, seen the district assembly of Karaga shut down by NPP barbarians.

It is against the backdrop of the existing fault lines that the attack on the youth employment coordinator happened.

After the coordinator had instated some youth into the Youth Employment program, he had been summoned by the NPP chairman to answer to why he had selected the people he had selected.

The youth employment coordinator, who is an employee of government, refused to answer to a functionary of a political party leading to supporters of the chairman and those of the coordinator, clashing in a brawl which led to the torching of a motorbike belonging to the coordinator.

The police in Karaga went to the scene and enforced order. However, later in the night some soldiers stormed the town and arrested two supporters of the chairman, allegedly at the behest of the DCE for the area, Alhassan Tabdow, and dragged them to the police station in spite of the fact that the police were on duty.

Allegedly, it was in reaction to the arrest that supporters of the chairman stormed the police station at dawn and forcibly freed the suspects from the grip of the law, staging another brawl at about 3 am.

One person is said to have been hospitalized after his head was butted, while some party properties have since been vandalized.

Since the incident, the names of the soldiers who had usurped police duties have not been known. Neither has there been indication from the military high command that they will be investigated out and penalized. /Fiifi Samuels

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