…….Shoot and kill in Tema, hours after Ambrose Dery claimed crime was under control

Lie that the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) is living over the state of insecurity in the country has received a rude reality check with armed robbers murdering a businessman hours after the Interior Minister claimed robbery was under control.

The murder of the man said to be known as Alhaji, had happened a few hours after Ambrose Dery had claimed that government was in control of a fearful crime wave that has come along with the NPP government.

On Wednesday morning, the Interior Minister had told Accra based 3 FM that concerns about Ghana becoming a gangland under President Akufo-Addo were unfounded because his Ministry was firmly in charge of matters.

Mr. Dery who had spoken to the station in the wake of a swashbuckling day light robbery at an automobile shop in Accra on the afternoon of the previous Tuesday, had boasted that he and his boys were on the beat.

“…Clearly, we haven’t lost control at all; what we’re doing is making sure that we follow the leads”, he had told 3FM Wednesday on the sidelines of the commemoration of the 28th February Christiansburg crossroads shooting in Accra.

The Interior Minister was still at the commemoration event in Osu when a group of armed robbers blockaded the Toyota Camry of Alhaji and shot him several times before making away with Ghc200,000 that he had withdrawn from the bank.

The succession of events almost gives the impression that the robbers had aimed to call the bluff of the Interior Minister who has presided over a steady degeneration of Ghana into a dystopia.

It was right under the nose of the same Ambrose Dery that goon squads of the ruling NPP ran amok in the country throughout last year, eventually eliciting a protest from the United Nations.

This year, an upsurge in armed robbery across the country is steadily is steadily building with many citizens having lost their lives since January. Resultantly, many Ghanaians are living in fear.

Over 20 forex bureaus and mobile money operators have in the last two months alone been robbed in Accra and Tema.

On Tuesday, February 27, some armed men stormed a motorcycle dealership at the North Industrial Area in Accra, Rambo style, and managed to escape with unspecified amount in broad day light.

The incident has since led to increase in criticism for the Police who have recently pleaded publicly for prayers so that God can shield them from cop murders perpetrated against them by armed robbers.

It was in the wake of the criticisms that Mr. Ambrose Dery boasted to 3 FM that he and the Interior Ministry were in charge of matters.

However, just a few hours after that, armed robbers in Tema struck in a timeliness that looked as if they were calling the bluff of the Interior Minister.

In a swashbuckling operation that is stylistic of a Hollywood action movie, about eight armed robbers in a car and motorbikes are said to have blockaded the car of a Lebanese businessman known simply as Alhaji and shot him at point blank before making away with Ghc200, 000 he had had with him.

Apparently, the robbers had trailed him while he had gone to withdraw the money from the bank.

The late Lebanese man, said to be fiftyish, was said to be a worker with Delta Agro, a soap manufacturing company.

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