Appiah Stadium Was ‘Tortured’ Into Apologizing To Nana


…And bribed to defect from NDC to NPP

Public suspicion that the so-called apology issued by Frank Kweku Appiah, alias Appiah Stadium, over allegations that President Akufo-Addo smokes wee, was done under duress, has begun coagulating into fact.

It has emerged that the NPP government exacted the apology from the popular NDC activist using every dirty trick in the book, including a virtual kidnap, torture and a staged remorse that was recorded for broadcasting, Al-Qaeda style.

In the details of the state-sponsored brutalization of Appiah Stadium, Prof. Ama Busia, a member of the Council of State, allegedly played tormentor-in-chief, leading a squad of torturers that included policemen and soldiers, to do nasty things to Appiah Stadium.

Pictures depicting how Appiah Stadium, at a point in the torture, was made to prostrate before Prof. Busia, while she lorded over him, like a goddess, amidst snaps and recordings by some camera wielding people have begun circulating on social media.

In the background of some of the pictures, police and military personnel are seen providing a bully presence as Appiah Stadium is made to kneel down and grovel.

But the circulating pictures only tell the dastardly torture story in sketchy details.

The Republic has secured information which shows that in addition to physical degradation, Appiah Stadium had also been bribed to defect from the NDC to the NPP.

It is on account of his refusal to defect and publicly denounce the NDC that the police decided to bend the law to arrest and hold him hostage over the allegation of the President’s addiction to wee, even though in law it is the person against whom allegations are made that is supposed to be invited or arrested by the police.

According to facts that have emerged on the issue, the footage on Appiah Stadium’s public apology had not been recorded after his arrest by the police, as the NPP would want the public to believe, but before his arrest.

Contrary to the impression that Stadium had been scared by the police arrest into recantation, he had been called a day before the arrest by self-styled prophet, Isaac Owusu Bempah, and threatened over the allegation.

An angry Owusu Bempah, who is a staunch supporter of the NPP, had announced to Appiah Stadium that President Akufo-Addo was very angry with him over the allegation and that it would be in the interest of Stadium to throw himself on the mercy of the President.

Subsequently, Prophet Owusu Bempah had invited him over so they could think of how to stave off the President’s boiling anger against Appiah Stadium. It is said that it is when the NDC activist went to meet Owusu Bempah that he was virtually kidnapped.

Acting together with Hopeson Adoryeh and Nana Oppong (Presidential Transport in charge), Rev. Owusu Bempah had taken him to Prof. Ama Busia, an elder of the NPP, and that is where Appiah Stadium was tortured into apologizing.

Pictures of the young man’s ordeals are circulating on social media in which he is seen buckled over before Prof. Busia, who in some instances, had assumed the pose of a high and mighty goddess.

The whole charade had then been recorded to give the impression that Appiah Stadium had, out of his own volition, gone to kiss the ground before Prof. Ama Busia and swallowed back his sputum.

Indeed, in one of the tapes capturing the so-called apology to President Akufo-Addo, Appiah Stadium is heard saying he wipes his mouth on the ground for harping on the President’s alleged addiction to wee, even though the allegation has long been in the public domain.

In that particular audio, voices had been heard in the background ordering Appiah Stadium to utter coached words as part of the apology.

According to info, following from the exaction of the apology, Appiah had been told to defect from the NDC to the NPP, with his captors, including two police and two military personnel, among other things, appealing to his Akan ethnicity.

After this, interviews were arranged on Accra-based Peace FM and Adom FM for Appiah Stadium to recant his allegations.

He was then given Ghc10, 000 and told to go back to Kumasi and repeat same recantations in radio interviews there, with a promise that the Ghc10, 000 is just for his transportation and that greater spoils of government will fall to him after he also publicly defects to the NPP.

Hopeson Adoryeh, one of Appiah’s captors, had also made a personal promise to him that his (Adoryeh’s) doors are open and that after the defect from the NDC, Appiah Stadium could contact him anytime he was in need.

Eventually, Appiah returned to Kumasi and granted the interviews apologizing to the President. He however, did not renounce the NDC for the NPP as arranged.

It was due to this omission that the police in Kumasi arrested him. The next day, the police had stormed his house and when he called Hopeson Adoryeh to complain, Mr. Adoryeh told him that the situation was so because he had refused to defect from the NDC as agreed with him in Accra.

Mr. Adoryeh also told him that NDC General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia’s re-harp on the President’s alleged addiction to wee had worsened his (Appiah’s) plight.

The Kumasi police then arrested Appiah Stadium and held him, eventually transferring him to Headquarters in Accra, where members of the NDC organized and bailed him out.

Up till now, Ghanaians do not know why Appiah Stadium was arrested, given that free speech is guaranteed by the 1992 Constitution.

According to the Supreme Law of the land, defamation is a civil offence and therefore even if President Akufo-Addo felt defamed, the right thing for him to do was to sue in court.

Strangely however, the President sent the police after Appiah Stadium, only for the Minister of Information, Mustapha Hamid, to later issue a statement saying the President was not interested in pursuing the case.

Even so, the conduct of the police has largely been seen as very disgraceful as Ghanaians struggle to understand why they arrested Appiah Stadium. In standard police practice in Ghana, people who allege crimes are not arrested. Rather, the people against whom the crime has been alleged are the ones invited or arrested to help with investigations.

In this case, where Appiah Stadium has only harped on a well publicized allegation of drug use by the President, the police ought to have invited the President or arrested him if they really wanted to solve the alleged criminality of drug usage, but the police rather arrested the person who alleged the crime!

Meanwhile, Appiah Stadium is not the first to allege that the President smokes wee. American whistleblower site, Wikileaks, and the President’s own cousin, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko have long revealed that the President smokes wee.

According to Wikileaks, Akufo-Addo spends his breakfast hours overshadowed by heavy wee smoke, while Gabby Asare Otchere- Darko has revealed that in the funky 70s the President smoked ganja for fun.




Source: Samuels

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