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…Minority to summon foreign affairs minister over Ayisi Boateng

The Minority in Parliament will this week summon the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Shirley Ayorkor Botchway, to the august house to explain over what is seen as divisive and nation-wrecking comments by Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa, George AyisiBoateng.

Mr. Boateng had last week claimed that members of the ruling NPP are more Ghanaian than others.

National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP for Sagnarigu and Minority Spokesman on Communication, Hon. Alhaji A.B.A.Fuseini, made the revelation last Saturday, as a panelist on Accra-based Radio Gold’s ‘Alhaji and Alhaji political talk-show.

“(The Minority) will summon the Minister for Foreign Affairs this coming week to answer questions regarding his (High Commissioner’s) continued stay in office. And am sure we intend to get to the very bottom of the matter because every passing date, this country’s image and integrity is going down, down, down the line, especially in the eyes of the international community,” Hon. Fuseini said.

The upcoming summons follows Hon. Shirley AyorkorBotchway’s justification that George AyisiBoateng’s issuance of an apology after saying that members of the ruling party are more Ghanaians than others is good enough to allow the matter to go.

Mr.Ayisi-Boateng, at a last weekend meeting with the Kumasi Technical University branch of the Tertiary Education Students Confederacy (TESCON) of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), said that, as Ghana’s chief diplomat to South Africa, he valued NPP members more than any other Ghanaians.

According to him, his service to Ghanaians in the capacity he serves is therefore one of different strokes for different folks, based on a meritocracy that that is determined by how much NPP a Ghanaian is.

“Indeed I’m not boasting, but I’ve started meeting the NPP groups. Every weekend, I meet some group members and I tell you if I had my way, every job opportunity that will come will go to a TESCON member before any other person. And I know my colleague appointees also have the same feeling except that because of IMF we cannot do anything now.

“TESCON member is my priority, NPP member is my priority, before any other Ghanaian, we are all Ghanaians, but some are more Ghanaians than others so my dear director, all of you, get the messages to our appointees, they should be very careful, so that we work for party members first, so that party members will work hard for us to retain power and sustain power for over 20 years, so that we can change things in Ghana.”

Public reaction to the revelation had been immediate indignation, with many asking President Akufo-Addo to sack him.

Even while the public was asking for AyisiBoateng’s head, the man had granted an interview to Nhyira FM and laughed off calls for his dismissal, standing by the comments.

However, the pressure kept mounting until President Akufo-Addo summoned AyisiBoateng and ordered him to meet with Foreign Affairs Minister, Shirley AyorkorBotchway, over the issue.

It is only after the meeting that Mr. AyisiBoateng issued an apology.

“I have upon sober reflection, decided to retract the comments I made during my interaction with some members of the New Patriotic Party, NPP in the Ashanti Region over the weekend.

“I have realized that my statement is unfortunate and at variance with the letter and spirit of the Ghanaian constitution and the dignified office of the High Commission that I occupy,” the statement said.

He said as the High Commissioner to South Africa he has the responsibility to protect the interest of all Ghanaians within the jurisdiction and to grant them equal access to opportunities.

“I regret the effect of my speech delivered to the young party members which has generated public outcry.

“I therefore wish to retract my comments and render an unqualified apology to the presidency and all Ghanaians.”

However, many Ghanaians have said that the apology is half-hearted and insincere, appearing to be perfunctorily churned out as damage control only after AyisiBoateng had met with the Foreign Affairs Minister over the issue.

Among notable people who have shunned the apology as not good enough is Ghanaian rapper, KwawKesse, who has said that President Akufo-Addo would do well to discard AyisiBoateng from his government as good riddance.

In response to the calls, Shirley AyorkorBotchwey has said that the apology is good enough to let what is seen as extremely divisive pronouncements to go.

Last Saturday, Hon. A.B.A Fuseini had made it clear that AyisiBoateng’s apology was not good enough because the comment he had made had only served as a window into the mindset of the man.

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks!” Hon. Fuseini had charged, before announcing the minority’s decision to summon the Foreign Affairs Minister to Parliament over the issue this week.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/ Fiifi Samuels

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