Amartey posters out for NDC Greater Accra Chairmanship

Speculations that former Municipal Chief Executive for Ledzoluku-Krowor, Hon. Daniel Amartey Mensah, will contest for the Greater Accra regional chairmanship of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are beginning to congeal into fact.

Posters of the former MCE, who was famous for keeping the twin constituencies of Ledzokuku and Krowo, under the tap of the NDC when he was in office have surfaced.

The Republic can report that the posters confirm that he is going to run for the Greater Accra regional Chairmanship of the party.

A copy of the posters, which The Republic has seen carries the slogan, “An experienced leader you can trust,” apparently, in reference to his track record as the most resourceful MCE who made the NDC very popular in Ledzoku and Krowor during his tenure.

Following his replacement in 2013, the NDC quickly lost grip on Ledzoku and Krowor, a thing that culminated in the party losing the two constituencies in the 2016 Parliamentary polls.

The Republic can report that Hon. Amartey who run for the same Greater Accra regional Chairman post but lost marginally to current Chairman, Ade Comer, in 2014, has been under great pressure to run for the Greater Accra Chairmanship.

Many in Greater Accra NDC feel that he can replicate the winsome influence that he exerted on Ledzokuku and Krowor, which made them cakewalks for the NDC, during his tenure as LEKMA MCE, on the regional level.

Hon. Amartey himself has not been available to comment but it would be recalled that a couple of months ago, The Republic quoted sources close to him who had hinted strongly that he would run for the Greater Accra regional Chairmanship again.

Interestingly, while many want him to run for the regional Chairmanship, many more in Ledzokuku are asking that he runs for MP in there as well.

But people close to him say he will definitely run for the Regional Chairmanship instead.

Daniel Amartey Mensah is a thoroughbred Akatamansonian and a foundation member of the NDC. He came into his first party position in 1992 as a branch Chairman and held on till 1995.

Between 95 and 99, he was Constituency Treasurer for Ledzokuku. Between 1998 and 2002, he served as an elected member for Tsui Bleoo.

From 2005 to 2009 he was Constituency Chairman for Ledzokuku. While at it, he also served as a Coordinator of the Coordinating Council for Kpeshie.

In 2009, he was appointed Municipal Chief Executive for LEKMA by the late President Mills, and served in that capacity until 2013.

In 2014, he was elected as a national executive member, a position he has held till date Adotei


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