Alban Bagbin is focused on driving the NDC restructuring agenda for 2020, says Aide

Mr. Konoba Joe, an aide to the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Alban Sumani Kingsford Bagbin, has disclosed to this paper that although the Nadwoli /Kaleo MP may be harboring the intention to contest the flagbearership position of the National Democratic Congress in the near future when nominations are duly opened, one of his main objectives now is to see to the restructuring and unification of the NDC party, following its humiliating defeat in 2016.

As the Kwesi Botchwey Committee traverses the country to ascertain the facts that led to the defeat of the then NDC government, posters of certain key and leading individuals within the party, including Alban Bagbin, have emerged expressing their interest to lead the NDC as its presidential candidate come the 2020 elections.

But, according to the aide, the country’s longest serving legislator is well composed in politics and respects the rules and regulations governing the party, and so he is currently focused on working with the executives of the party to ensure that NDC is well restructured and united again.

“You know the Hon. Alban Bagbin to be somebody who is well composed in politics and he always wants to act based on the rules and regulations. He is taken it calmly and honored that people are seeing him to be a solution, people are seeing him to be a person of the middle ground who can pull the needed unity in the party and lead it to power again.  But his appeal, as I have always stated, is that let’s do first things first, let’s concentrate on reorganizing the party,” he said.

He said the Mr. Bagbin is so far impressed with the confidence reposed in him by a good number of Ghanaians from all walks of life and some key leading members of the NDC, but would want the right thing to be done first and that is getting the party into a good shape.

Mr. Konobe Joe refuted allegations that the Member of Parliament for Nadowli/Kaleo constituency’s criticism of former President Mahama was meant to undermine him and his government and noted further that Hon. Bagbin has been part of the success story of the former NDC administration and, for that matter, could not do such a thing to denigrate the achievements of the former president.

“But what is quite unfortunate in this part of our country and part of our world is when you are following a particular political party you owe allegiance to the party to such an extent that when something is going wrong, when you are doing certain things that would not inure to the benefit of the nation but simply because you are with that party you should not criticize.

Hon Alban Bagbin is that kind of person who when the driver is speeding carelessly on the road he will not complain after an accident but he will speak to the driver to drive carefully so that he would not have that accident. It is part of patriotism to one nation to be able and willing to criticize the status quo of your own self, to put you in a better position to lead the country well than to sit down.

He was been patriotic he was always stating his allegiance to the state but not one individual person or a political party. His attempts at collecting the president, his critic of the president then was not to undermine him it was much more to the benefit of the president than to undermine him,” he added.

The Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament in 2013 openly criticized the style of leadership of former President John Dramani Mahama and expressed disappointment in the leadership of the then NDC government.

He is remembered to have told the host of the Citi Breakfast Show that President Mahama has failed to fight the rot and corruption in the country.

“I have been part the global fight against corruption, right up from the first parliament and so I have been part of that crusade in this country and so I expected that on the assumption of power, His Excellency President Mahama will have been employing those instruments to fight corruption,” Hon Bagbin told the radio host.


Source: Nana Appiah Acquaye  

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