Ahomka-Lindsey Hot!

…Over Komenda Sugar Factory lies! 

Mr. Robert Ahomka Lindsey, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, seems not to have learnt lessons from his recent public disgrace, after being humiliated by the Diaspora Committee over his comments about ‘whining.’

This time the bigheaded deputy minister is caught pants down lying about the former operations of the Komenda Sugar Factory not just before any ordinary group of people but right before the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament and the Ghanaian media.

Unfortunately for the Deputy Trade Minister, his lies which were intended to make him and his NPP led government look good in the eyes of Ghanaian populace, while painting the former NDC Mahama administration as evil, has again backfired, subsequently incurring the wrath of some former board members of the Komenda Sugar Factory, including the former board secretary, Ransford Varny Amoah.

Mr. Ahomka-Lindsay, during an appearance before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament last Friday, told members of the committee that the Komenda Sugar Factory has not produced any sugar from fresh sugarcane since its inception.
He disclosed that, contrary to claims by the previous John Dramani Mahama administration that the factory produced some bags of sugar; the said sugar which was exhibited to Ghanaians was derived from semi-finished products which the government purchased for showcase.
“The sugar you tasted at that time; the government of Ghana bought semi-processed sugar, part of it was used to process and that is part of what you tasted. We have never put cane sugar through the full system of the Komenda Sugar Factory,” he said.

But speaking in an interview with this paper, Mr. Varny Amoah, who is also the former communication and strategy manager for Komenda Sugar Factory, described Mr. Ahomka-Lindsey’s comments as outrageous lies which should be treated with all the contempt it deserves and threaten to drag the Deputy Trade and Industry Minister before the Public Accounts Committee again to substantiate his claims.

“I’m preparing to petition parliament to impeach Ahomka-Lindsey as deputy minister for coming out to lie blatantly to Ghanaians. If it is really true that we went out there to purchase semi-sugar, there should be records that show that indeed we brought sugar into the country. I am ready to debate him anywhere if he is ready to provide records to show, then I’m  also ready to come out with my records which indicate those that the factory purchase sugar cane from. I have the records and these people are in Ghana with most of them living around Shama up to Winneba,” he stressed.

He revealed his utter surprise at the Deputy Trade and Industry Minister’s conduct since during the official launching of the factory there were many eyewitnesses available that day, including members of the media who saw the introductory stage of sugar production right from the syrup content to the main finished sugar product.

“I was surprised to hear such a statement from the Trade and Industry Deputy Minister, and I said to myself how can this man go to such a committee and lie to the people, meanwhile all the suppliers of the factory are currently available for verification. I also remember that during the official opening of the factory it was live on most media platforms in the country which Ghanaians witnessed and so for this man to come out to say a thing like this then  I am very surprised!”

Mr. Varney Amoah, who had been with the Komenda Sugar Factor since its inception till last month, believes it will serve the good people of Ghana well if they get to know the real truth about the operations of the factory and also prove that all that Mr. Ahomka-Lindsey told the Public Accounts Committee and the general public has no iota of truth in it.

He mentioned one businessman, Perry Mensah, who is well known in the Cape Coast area to be a failed parliamentary candidate during the NPP primaries in 2011, as one of the factory’s key suppliers whose services were engaged by the management of the Komenda Sugar Factory on a daily basis to supply the factory with raw sugar cane.

The Komenda Sugar Factory was first established in 1960s by Ghana’s first president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, as part of his economic policy for industrialization but collapsed.

It was later revamped in May 2016 by the erstwhile Mahama administration with a $35-million Indian government facility.

But the factory closed down in July, 2016 after the sugar cane season petered off.

Parliament in November 2016 approved a $24.5 million loan facility for a sugar cane and irrigation project to feed the Komenda Sugar Factory, after it was shut down some few days after its grand commissioning

President Mahama, at the inauguration factory, said it has a manufacturing appetite capable of producing 1,250 tonnes of sugar daily and also create about 7,000 direct and indirect jobs.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com

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